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Movie Membership


AMC Theaters are trying to get more people hitting up the theaters. A new thing they’re trying to do is a movie membership.

$35 a month will get you a movie a day in the theaters. If you would like to see IMAX, 3D or anything else in a fancy visual feature you can get a membership for $45 a month.

Food and drinks will NOT be included, it will just cover one person admission per day. Basically a movie a day all month long.

The movie membership is a first come, first serve and can be purchased through their app. It’ll be available starting Sunday January 5th. They will be testing this promotion in Colorado… not every state will have this promotion.

Read the full story here.
Photo source: google.com

This Atmosphere is what you need right now…

The Want Of The Week

Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

So it’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a Want Of The Week, but this one will help us get a little Holiday Spirit for sure! Everyone loved getting Legos at Christmas, now get some shot glasses to help drink away the stress of the holidays.

Best part, they aren’t sanctioned by Lego, so they are called “Building Block Shot Glasses”. C’mon, we know the truth.

You can get a set of 4, for only $5! Perfect for any geek on your list.

Photo Credits and Where You Can Buy Your Own Set: Think Geek

In A World….

This is basically what’s like when we have a Sparksradio.com staff meeting. We all speak exactly like this…

Arcade KICK!

This dude does some spin kick that makes Jean-Claude Van Damme look like an amateur! Check out the brutal hurt this guy puts on this arcade machine! His name is “Kick Gun of King of Connexion” and he’s earned it!

Female puts all males to shame on guitar

I want to play like this…but I don’t want to look like this…

For all the single ladies.

I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with the world, but this video gives me at least an idea or two…