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The Want Of The Week

Photo Credit: Distractify

Umm, yes please.

Let me introduce you to Nixie. It is a flyable drone with a swiveling camera, but it is flexible allowing you to wear it on your wrist! I have wanted a drone for a long time now. Throw in the fact this one can fit on my wrist and I can take it anywhere without having to lift weights, puts it at the top of my Want list. There is currently no price tag for it, but you can’t deny how cool it is. Check the pictures out below to see it fold, and watch the video to see it in action!

Photo Credit: Distractify

Butter face

By far the best prank of our time… Seriously, who would think to put butter on the floor??? I know you might have seen this already, but it never gets old! So hilarious! A guarantee to make a Monday better!

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Truth In Introductions

Saturday Night Live took their own shots at the NFL and their apparent disregard for employing criminals. In the SNL version of the NFL, players now identify themselves by the crimes they have commited. I think if we went to this model, there wouldn’t be sufficient time for the games to take place.

You got to love “I did stuff on a cruise ship.” I mean, who hasn’t right?

Who You Gonna Call…Krispy Kreme

Photo Credit: Variety

Krispy Kreme has released their Ghostbusters themed donuts for the month of October to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the film. Great just what we Ghostbusters nerds need, more empty calories, hold on give me a minute…I’ll take a dozen please, thanks.

Both donuts are marshmallow creme filled for obvious reasons, and you can pick yours up now!

Holy Awesome Music, Batman!

The Piano Guys recently put together a musical selection that encompasses classic Batman music. It features piano and cello playing the themes we all are familiar with. You must check this out!

What’s your favorite “Batman” theme? Tweet or comment which BatSong reigns supreme.

Photo Credit: Roar Of Comics

It’s a sign!

I had to watch this like five times… Worst moment ever! You could tell he wanted to freak out… SO terrible!

Derek Jeter Shot!


Image Source:

Right after his final at-bat at the Yankees Stadium…wow…this REALLY ENDS HIS CAREER. Video re-cap below.