bull dozer fight

Watch Bulldozers FIGHT!

These two Chinese construction companies are fighting over the same contract IN THE MOST BAD ASS WAY POSSIBLE. This is what children would do if they own construction companies and ...

ball rim

Ball Gets Stuck On Rim, Lose Title Game!

This is probably the 4th most embarrassing way to lose a Middle School Basketball game. The others include: 3. Your parent yelling at the ref about a blown call, only ...


Ben is sad. Batman is sad.

After seeing Batman V Superman, I have to say the movie isn’t THAT bad. Critics, however, have been BRUTAL. Watch as Ben realizes it.

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Beginner's Challenge(1)

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Latest News

New music and touring

Blink 182 has finally released their first single since Tom DeLonge has left the band and Alkaline Trio member, Matt Skiba has step in to help. 

Blink 182 let the world listen to their new single yesterday which is off the band’s album,California set to be released on July 1st. They has put together a tour to support the new album, show dates start at the end of July.

Matt Skiba will handle Tom DeLonge’s position in the band and will be backing vocals as Mark Hoppus will take the majority of the vocals on the new material. 

Blink 182 will be touring with A Day To Remember, All American Rejects and All Time Low.


What are your thoughts on the new single, Bored to Death? 

Personally, it’s an ok song. I was thinking it was going to be a more… old school Blink. But it’s the first single so maybe the rest of the album would be different. I’ll listen to it a few more times, because you know, it might grow on me.

Listen to the new single now, below.

West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Episode 105: Boom Goes the Boom Boom





West and Sparks TIMED Podcast is up! We time this thing so you don’t have to worry about your time being wasted! Today’s show: do you know what Spring is? What the hell is a haberdashery? What’s Ted Cruz up to now?!!  All these answers and more inside episode 105 of West and Sparks TIMED Podcast!


News That Matters:

Dil-do? Or Dil-don’t?

The White Stuff


Real Life or Michael Bay

Boom goes the dynamite. Dynamite go BOOM. Boom, boom boom. That what the dynamite DO! Mankind will have to do better than that, if mankind wants to extinguish this enemy. From the makers of Backdraft and gone in 33 seconds, as well as the makers of Don’t Put that in the Front or Back Door, comes the extreme follow-up to those films. This film is called, Boom Goes the Boom Boom Boom! Slam! Bang! Action! Thrill! Ride! Season! YEAH!

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

I’ve got a sick flow, I’m a living tube! Sucking sand, and I don’t need no lube! Living in the deep, I can’t get no sleep, for a creature puts it in my backup…beep beep. It hides from predators, while I’m laying on the floor. All I’m saying is – PLEASE NO MORE! Poo Poo platter is this guy’s favorite dish, Crawling inside of me is a _________


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New Twenty-one Pilots music video!

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty-one Pilots just released a music video for this track “Heavydirtysoul”. This song is off the current studio album, ‘Blurryface’.

The music video was shot during one of their concerts (2016 tour) in Vancouver where it appears to be a full house… Shots were taken both on and off stage of the show.

Be the first to watch the new music video below.

Wait, now they’re friends?

This last weekend Guns N Roses powered through their reunion tour even though Axl Rose had a injury stopping him from performing like he usually does (and when he ACTUALLY performs, since we all know he doesn’t show up some times). If you didn’t hear Axl injured his food but because we know Dave Grohl had broke his foot last year… Dave decided to loan Axl his famous concert throne.

Which means the two appear to have mend their friendship after years of not being cool. The video below shows Dave (who’s at the concert with his best friend Taylor Hawkins) rockin’ out to the Guns N Roses’ Vegas show.

Axl even tweeted out a thank you to Dave for loaning the famous concert throne.

All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 112k: Like A Drive Through Window Speaker


Like a drive through window speaker

New All Ears episode is up early on this glorious day we call Friday! Today’s show is all about the lessons you can learn from important questions like: Should I be on Facebook while I riot? Should I keep calling 911 even after the tell me to stop? Should I take a poop before getting naked with someone? All these questions are answered and more in episode 112k of the All Ears Podcast!


Long Story Short: Now… Sparks notes

  1. Where’s Waldo?
  2. Beer me bro
  3. Jump start and run

Does Anybody Care:

  1. Some lady is pregnant
  2. Some people went somewhere
  3. Some lady has a blown out vagina


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Sparks Radio Podcast w/ SPECIAL GUEST GUNNER Ep100: Suge Knight Presents Murder Cruise


sparks radio ep 100

Sparks Radio EPISODE 100 IS HERE!!!! YES! 100 EPISODES! Wow, this is a great milestone and we’re celebrating with a special guest – GUNNER HAZNOGUNZ! He’s the special guest on the show today and he’s trying to score as many points as he can! We’re talking REAL NEWS about: Cruises full of murderers, Why you shouldn’t riot and Facebook, and which celebrity would venture out of the post-apocalyptic bunker! Listen up to episode 100 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!!


The News:

  1. Facebook, Prison, Riot, Tag, Face
  2. Murder, City, Paid, $1,000, Trip
  3. Shower, Laundry, Wi-fi, Naked, Arrested

I’m Blanking:

  1. Venezuelan President tells woman to stop using _______ to save electricity
  2. Cuba is running out of ____ due to the increase in tourists
  3. _______ Man expected dentist to pull 4 teeth



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Suicide Squad adds another trailer

Since it’s Monday I guess that means it’s a trailer release day. First, Game of Thrones and now Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad won’t hit theaters till August but why wait with the trailers?

This is the latest and once again… The best one so far!