3 Tips for Drinking with Coworkers: An (ab)users guide

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5 Rules You Should Know Before Leaving a Youtube Comment

  1. Be an asshole We start here because this is the most apparent rule of YouTube. See that video…yeah?…Fuck that video. Yeah, you may like it, you may even love ...

5 Facts That Aren’t True, According to Your Second-Best Friend

  We all have that friend–specifically, that second-best friend. He/she disputes what most would call irrefutable facts. This can be annoying and, although this person is still a friend, their ...

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Is this relaxing?

I don’t know why but this is a awesome, hilarious video… Before you hit play there’s even a laugh! The name, “The Most Relaxing Trampoline Edit”! Hahaha, ok just watch!

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Paul’s Pie Chart

Back again this week for another installment.

I want to see the Netflix numbers on how many arguments are started between couples while browsing for something to watch.


Watch Primus Cover Tool’s Ænema with Danny Carey on Drums!

With Primus’ drummer, Tim Alexander, out due to heart surgery. Danny Carey jumped in and played drums for the band. But the coolest part of the night was when they decided to cover one of Tool’s biggest hits! I love how all you hear is the crowd nailing the lyrics! What an amazing time!

Better when its fake


Princes you loved growing up, are actually creepy in real life.

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should all be like this

Reese's pieces love child

All commercials should be like this… Or at least as creative!

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Karaoke, Here I Come

Jeff Goldblum was on Late Night with Seth Myers and gave a rendition of the Jurassic Park theme song with lyrics. Personally, I like Peter Griffin’s version better…