Sparks Is Back On HuffPost Live – This Time With Russell Howard!

  First up – remember that “head shot” HuffPost Live asked for last time I did this? This one. I sent them this one, and they USED IT?   Huffington ...

Sparks Was On HuffPost Live Today With Comedian Tom Papa

Tom Papa is one funny dude. I had the opportunity to see him live a couple months ago and the dude killed it. Honestly, made face hurt from laughing when ...

Owen Wilson guest stars on The New Letterman

This week we welcome the very sad, the very depressing, Owen Wilson. Enjoy! And remember… please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow us on Twitter. See you next week! –@TheNewLetterman

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The Want Of The Week

Watch movies outside with a beer and not have to deal with the worst part of seeing movies. You know, other people in the theater.


The Gemmy Airblown Movie Screen sets up in minutes and measures 12′ x 9′ and will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Photo Credit and Buy One From Amazon: Gemmy Airblown Movie Screen

Nostalgia On Your Computer!

Need to waste some time this Friday afternoon? This website has an impressive library of NES video games that you can play right from your computer! Check it out!

Photo Credit: 8-Bit

Click here to play regular NES games!

The Best Prank You’ve Never Seen…They Played It Perfectly

This is sooooo gold! First up, it’s borderline the perfect prank. Here’s why:

  1. The best pranks don’t scare or hurt people, they confuse the hell out of them. The enjoyment for all parties lasts much longer.
  2. It’s creative. I haven’t heard of anybody doing something like this before and clearly, neither had the pizza guy.
  3. Everyone played their part perfectly. Especially the Pizza Guy.
  4. There’s pizza at the end.

What do you think? Gold or no?

The Want Of The Week

Get drunk on the go!

Photo Credit and Buy One: Amazon

Hold 10.5 quarts of liquid including multiple different beverages and be not only the hit of a party, but apparently the pack animal as well.

Larry Slaps Every Man, Woman, and Child and Doesn’t Want To Hear About It

Larry is sick of your shit.

Load up on the chicken!

n-KFC-FRIED-RAT-HOAX-large570Photo source:

Remember that story about the KFC rat? If you didn’t hear about it here are the highlights, a customer in LA was eating KFC and there was a piece of chicken that tasted rubbery and looked like it was in a shape of a rat.

He posted the picture of his chicken on social media and it went VIRAL.

Since the photo made it’s round, KFC was basically forced to check it out. They took the “fried rat” to the lab to see what the fried animal was and the results came back with…. CHICKEN.

The customer, Dixon hasn’t reacted to the results that KFC has found.

But it’s good to know that Kentucky Fried Chicken won’t be changing their name any time soon. Time to stop by and get some grub!

Read the full story here.

Compare your dinner to this…

If you think you’re eating poorly tonight, think again.