The Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist

Just simply hit repeat because this is the only song you need. guarantee’s* the party will be jumpin’ and buggin’ in no time. * in no way guarantees this, ...

Trick Or Treat! The Best And Worst Halloween Candy

As a child there was no better time of year than that one late October night when you basically got to be a bum. It didn’t matter the costume you ...

Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In November

Halloween is just a few days away, but so is November and that means more things coming to Netflix! Here is a list of movies and TV shows (broken down ...

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Another Look At Avengers 2

Marvel has given us another look at Avengers: Age Of Ultron! Even though DC>Marvel, I am actually excited for this.

What do you think? I have a feeling this will be the biggest movie of all time once it’s released, but then get usurped by Batman V. Superman. Just one man’s opinion.

Wait for it… Wait for it…

This made my day! If you’re a hockey fan or not, just watch! You’ll enjoy it.

You’ll never believe this

So you think this is just going to be another video of a skateboarder hurting himself. I didn’t expect this when watching it.

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Interview With a Vampire Maker

This is Robert Kurtzman, a Special Effects Artist and Filmmaker with over 3 decades of experience and counting. You may not know it, but I will bet every single one of you that you’ve seen his work before. Remember that ear gag in Reservoir Dogs?  Or the buffalo in Dances with Wolves (bet you didn’t know those things weren’t real)? And let’s not leave out all of the creepy monsters from Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.

Oh, and if you’ve already seen Kevin Smith’s latest film Tusk, then be sure to thank him for all of the nightmares you’ve been having since the first reveal of that grotesque walrus suit…Yup, that’s a Kurtzman.

Additionally, you might even say he’s partially responsible for giving Tarantino his first big break…wanna know how? Well, it just so happens that he was awesome enough to invite me out to his studio, Creature Corps, and sit down to chat with me about his career. Check it out, and when you’re finished watching, you can see more of his creations at he Creature Corps Website, where he continues to work along side his amazingly talented crew.

All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 39k: Swearing Gin with Braces


ALLEARS (2)Friday’s mean NEW EPISODES of ALL EARS!!! This Friday is no different as Nomi and Sparks break down the news you’ve missed, or just ignored, *because “NO ONE CARES!” You’ve heard the long winded versions of whats happening in the world today, but this is the internet! The only 2 things meant to last a long time on the internet are trial versions to porn sites and … …MORE TRIAL VERSIONS TO PORN SITES! That’s why we take the short route when explaining the news with “Long Story Short!” This week we talk about: the worst way to get arrested, why you shouldn’t go back for your drugs, and how old is too old for braces? That’s all in Episode 39 of All Ears!

*This was written by Sparks

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Superzeroes Issue 11: “Zombie Apocalypse Decreases Teen Pregnancy”


Where Our Zeroes Take On Internet Rumors, 6 Years Of Superhero Movies, Horror Villains, And Meth Dealing Toys!

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Mom Wants Breaking Bad Toys Pulled From Toys ‘R’ Us
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Conan O’Brien Parodies Christian Bale As Steve Jobs For New Movie

Youtube User Free Will Revolution Re-Creates Batman v. Superman Footage From Comic Con

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Infographic Lays Out The Next 6 Years Of All Superhero/Comic Book Movies
Infograph Created By: Dylan Todd
Photo Link: Comics Alliance

This Weeks Pull List
Ryan’s Pick
Arkham Manor

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Afterlife With Archie! Only .99 Cents On Digital Retailers!
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Top 5 Horror Movie Villains
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The NEW Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Just Leaked – Watch now!


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