Owen Wilson guest stars on The New Letterman

This week we welcome the very sad, the very depressing, Owen Wilson. Enjoy! And remember… please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow us on Twitter. See you next week! -@TheNewLetterman

Chino from the Deftones “spills the beans” on Jerry Cantrell being on the new album and writing with Maynard!

Check it out!! I, along with co-worker Carlota, got to interview Chino from the Deftones! A few months ago, during an interview with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Jerry ...

Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix May 2015

Photo Credit: Stalkeanddoelmedio A new month is upon us. Sure the weather is starting to turn nice and more sunny days are on the way, but hey, wouldn’t you rather ...

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Latest News

Kid Takes ‘One Man Band’ To A Level – Song Kicks Ass!

Most bands are terrible. It’s great that they’re playing and creating and having fun, but let’s not avoid the fact that they’re just plain bad. This kid doesn’t have a band and sure as hell doesn’t need one. He’s making bad ass tunes all by himself. Watch and find out.

The Want Of The Week!

Just in time for kicking off the summer season, it’s the GOBQ!

Photo Credit: GOBQ Facebook

It’s a BBQ grill that shrinks to the size of a small backpack for easy storage and portability! Grill dogs, burgers and chicken on the go!

Photo Credit: GOBQ Facebook

Check the video out below to see it in action!

Great Scott!

Nothing I love more than a Back To The Future parody!

To preview their new Lego Video Game, Warner Brothers has Christopher Lloyd paying homage to one of his most famous characters.

Check out the video below!

Photo Credit: Lego Dimensions Video Game Video

Game of Thrones: The Musical


Photo Source: independent

If you’re at least 4 seasons in, no spoilers here. Great, hilarious song about Peter Dinklage’s dominance throughout the aired seasons of Game of Thrones!

Farting in the Hospital.

Do women fart? YES THEY DO. WATCH.

Quickest Way To Fire A Drummer

Bad news for the smelliest guys in the band. This dude set up the coolest drum touch pad to his guitar.

Vermin Supreme: When I’m President Everyone Gets A Free Pony

A voice has spoken through the white noise.A platform we can all stand on. 

Vermin Supreme 2016

-free pony

-everyone rides a pony instead of driving a car

-drastically reduced dependency on oil  

-zombie energy completely eliminates need for fossil fuels