Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In March

Gif Credit: stalkeandolemedio If you live on the east coast this winter has been absolutely brutal, but it’s been excellent for aimlessly watching Netflix. If you live anywhere else, then ...

The Sparks Radio 2015 ALCADEMY AWARDS! Live Drinking Game for the Oscars!

You’re invited to DRINK and make fun of RICH FAMOUS PEOPLE for the whole world to see! We want YOU to join us as we play the SPARKS RADIO ALCADEMY ...

Things I Want Kanye West To Interrupt In My Life

Everyone’s favorite speech and moment spoiler was at it again last weekend at The Grammy’s. Much like back in 2009 when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift, Kanye again jumped on stage ...

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Time Waster Of The Day!


It’s Friday, and this week has kicked your ass. Why not take out that aggression on someone in a healthy way.

Move your mouse from right to left over the guys face, and enjoy.

Check out the Time Waster Of The Day

This Is A Power Rangers Movie I Can Get Behind

Director Joseph Kahn created a fan film, dark, gritty and R-Rated 14 minute short film of an awesome Power Rangers movie. I’d be first in line to get my ticket for this one. Check it out below!

Photo Credit: Variety

A New House Of Cards Show?

House of Cards is probably one of my favorite shows on right now. Third season starts back up this Sunday on Netflix and you know a show is hot if people are making parodies of it.

This was released not long ago and is currently trending… Sesame Street: House of Bricks. If you know House of Cards, then you’ll think this is hilarious!

Kevin Spacey, I hate that I love your character… In both shows and parodies.

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Time Waster Of The Day!


Back again on your Monday! This one is seriously addicting. Just move your mouse over the circle on the screen, you won’t be able to stop. It’ll kill a good 20-30 minutes guaranteed.

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All Ears with Nomi & Sparks Ep 56k: Because You Ruined Me


ALLEARS (2)You know the moment after you have a one night stand, when you’re laying in bed and think to yourself, “I’m bored, if there was a really good show on it would really make my night”? Well, now there’s a show for that! Welcome to episode 56k of All Ears with Nomi and Sparks, as usual you get two people that are full of fun puns, awkward life stories, basically two people who have a personality of a teenage boy going through puberty… but it’s going to flutter your life with happiness.

In episode 56k you’ll find out about a car that women get naked for, the best place to take a nap; you’ll get the scoop on Chris Hansen and why he’s not on TV anymore. Nomi and Sparks answer your emails with the best advice around… It does involve one of Sparks’ favorite things in life as well as Sparks having a VERY important question that should be on myth busters.

You get all of this and more for free on All Ears with Nomi & Sparks.


Links to the Articles!

Long Story Short

1. Lexus brings out the sex

2.Hit the bathroom floor

3.50 shades of madness

Does Anybody Care?:

1.Chris Hanson is coming back to TV

2.Some lady and her offspring are doing a thing

3.Some guy and lady were seen together



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The Official Aquaman!


There’s been a lot of talk of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and right now it’s tending today for a different reason… The first official look of Aquaman!

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you’re going to go crazy right now. Jason Momoa, as you might know will be playing Aquaman and honestly, I’m glad!

For some reason when I think of Aquaman I think of this…..


I have no idea why, I know he’s suppose to be a bad ass in the comic books and all but I never think of him as this powerful, muscle man. Having Jason Momoa as Aquaman will change minds and thought was a great pick for the role.
What are your thoughts?

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Time Waster Of The Day!

New feature on Sparks Radio! Every Monday and Friday I’ll provide a perfect way to waste a bit of time. Let’s face it, Friday is almost a throw away day. We’ve all cashed it in and are ready for the weekend, so spend some time on this site.

Paying homage to one of the best SNES games from the 90′s “Sunset Riders“, this site called Bury Me With My Money.Com features Level 1 boss, Simon Greedwell, falling to his death repeatedly and saying his famous catchphrase “Bury Me With My Money“.

Click here for the Time Waster Of The Day!

And if you forgot what the game was like, check out this youtube walk-through. Gotta love green and purple bullets.

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