Fashion Judged By The Opposite Sex

We’ve all been out in public and saw someone and thought “do they own a mirror?”, or “what were they thinking wearing that?” This article is for those people. However, ...

A Review Of All The New TV Shows-Fall 2014 Vol. 2

Back again with the second installment of our Fall TV review. This review details shows that debuted between October 1st and the 14th. Without further ado… Stalker – (CBS) Wednesday’s-10PM ...

3 Ways To Survive Your First Day At Work and/or Prison

1. Fight the biggest BADDIE in the room This is how you establish dominance. Look, you’re the new guy. You’re on the bottom of the totem pool that these other a-holes ...

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The NEW Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Just Leaked – Watch now!


ap_tlr-1_int_360p by scotty2cky

He’s about to snap in 3, 2, 1….

This dude’s dad is trying to get his kid to get off his ass and get a job… Well, this is one way to do it I guess. Hahahaha

New Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is still one of my favorite ladies of all time. She has a great fashion sense, punk/ska girl…. Although, she has changed some of her music when she went solo, but I still love her.

She just released her new song, check it out below. This will be my first time listening to it too… Let me know what you think!

Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 40: Overgrown Stripper Vandalised Inflatable Butt


SparksRadio.comIt’s time to go back back to work work…but fear not! All NEW SPARKS RADIO IS UPON US! That’s right, stand up comedian Michael Joyce tries to score as many worthless points as you listen and play along to this game show type podcast! The show is simple, if Michael get’s something right / or if he makes us laugh, he gets points! Today Michael tries to guess the news on: lawn care criminals, male strippers, and you guessed it – french butt plugs! Plus he also tries to guess how you responded to The Feud question: “Name the worst thing to touch without gloves.” Listen now to episode 40 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!

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  1. Work, Overgrown, Absolutely, Jail, Criminal
  2. Author, Stripper, House, Novels, Deadly
  3. Inflatable, Butt, Vandalized, Twitter, Slapped

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Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce: Outtakes As Promised


SparksRadio.comSo last week, heading into Episode 39, Michael and I had a difficult time trying to podcast. To start it off, I was already an hour late and to make things even worse, the damn connection was bad. As promised, here’s the audio/behind the scenes outtakes of what it sounds like putting together this magnificent & award winning show for you each week*


*Most of what I just said was a lie


All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 38k: Greasy Ice Tea …wana Wanna Nahh


ALLEARS (2)Hey Look! The NEW episode of All Ears is up! This means it’s Friday and it’s time for you to stop giving a crap about working the rest of the day. Just throw some headphones in and chuck the deuces to responsibility and listen in as Nomi and Sparks talk: how to ruin your childhood in the best ways ,angry mopping, and the perfect sound effect for when the plot thickens! Trust me, your boss isn’t working either. How do you think they got to become your boss in the first place? He/she is better at bullshitting than you. That’s the secret. So it’s time to start practicing. Lesson one: listen to Episode 38 of All Ears!

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This song is FUCKING GREAT! I hear a bit of Holy Diver around the 1:30 mark, 70′s funk bass around 2:05, and nothing but the Fighting Foo’s kicking ass throughout!  Great mix of sounds and styles. This new album is going to be amazing! Listen to the new song Something From Nothing below and be mindful of where you point your nipples after the songs over.