100+ Doctor Whos at Comic-Con

I went to Comic-Con this past weekend with one goal in mind; to get pictures with 100 Doctor Who cosplayers. I never imagined this would be the adventure of a ...

Woman Fired for Watching New 50 Shades of Grey Trailer While At Work

Some lady got fired for watching the New 50 Shades of Grey Trailer at a dentist office…so many “in the mouth” jokes… CHEYENNE, WY – Sharron Trumollie, a dental office ...

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Trending Sports

Water cooler sports talk… Here’s what’s trending in sports.


Frank “the Big Hurt” Thomas, he’s a retired Chicago White Sox baseball player… What makes him unique was his home run power and that’s one of the reasons why he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame on Sunday. His speech was a very inspirational and an emotional one; it was more of a thank you to a list of people than anything. He did not talk about anything negative with baseball such as steroids but all positive aspects of the sport.
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David Ortiz

Red Sox broke the Ray’s 9-game winning streak on Sunday. David Ortiz’s 3 run homer was the highlight of the night… He’s getting some negative comments on the way he reacted to his hits… But I don’t think there was anything wrong with it, he barely reacted to it. Maybe I’m missing it.
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Please forgive me NASCAR fans, but I don’t know much about it… But I did find out Jeff Gordon won a NASCAR record 5th brickyard 400 on Sunday. He accomplished it 8 days before 43rd birthday.
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Cover Songs!


Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise are all on tour together this summer/fall.

Well, the Offspring decided to do 3 cover songs and put them on youtube late Friday night.

They cover 2 tracks from Bad Religion and 1 from Pennywise, check them out below.

And if you’re planning on seeing them, there’s a concert rumor going around that the Offspring will be performing their entire ‘Smash’ album in celebration of the 20th anniversary of it’s release.

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[MUST READ] Dr. Wrote this letter to his girl back in 95. A true poet

The internet has won today.

dr dre letter






















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First Mad Max Trailer is Here! Watch Now!

Oh sweet mercy, this looks great!

Next time someone says Will.I.Am is a musical genius…

A lot of people – usually broadcast folk – call Will.I.Am a “musical genius.” Now, I’m sure you know this is complete bull shit, but like most things in the world, when you hear this over and over, some people might start to believe it. So, to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to Will.I.Am, just remember that he made this…

Mary Poppins Says F— It!


Kristen Bell is probably one of my favorite actresses. She’s funny, cute, smart and talented! Well, she played Mary Poppins in this Funny or Die video.

What we find out is that Marry Poppins was being screwed! Give Mary a raise!

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New Festival


There’s a new festival you might want to go to but this one has some feeling behind it.
Its call the Farm Aid Benefit, it’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can find artists like Jack White, Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Dave Matthews and that’s just naming a few. The president of Farm Aid made a great statement saying,

“In North Carolina and across the Southeast, family farmers have struggled to stay on the land, but they have also pioneered new roads to economic sustainability. The region knows the value of its farmers and offers increasing opportunities for new farmers to build a strong regional food system. On the Farm Aid stage Saturday, September 13, we’ll celebrate family farmers and the healthy communities they’re growing for all of us.”

If you would like to read the full story, click here.

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