Owen Wilson guest stars on The New Letterman

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Chino from the Deftones “spills the beans” on Jerry Cantrell being on the new album and writing with Maynard!

Check it out!! I, along with co-worker Carlota, got to interview Chino from the Deftones! A few months ago, during an interview with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Jerry ...

Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix May 2015

Photo Credit: Stalkeanddoelmedio A new month is upon us. Sure the weather is starting to turn nice and more sunny days are on the way, but hey, wouldn’t you rather ...

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Latest News

Now That’s A Ride!

A bounce house in Florida was hit by a water spout/tornado and was lifted around 20-30 feet into the air.

Don’t worry the kids inside the bounce house were fine, one was held overnight in the hospital. Question is, how many lawsuits come out of this? I’m saying at least 4 people sue, and one will be someone who witnessed it saying their kids were emotionally scarred just by seeing this event.

Photo Credit: Mom’s Party Rental

Ah, Childhood

Nerdy sketch/A Capella/comedy group The Warp Zone sang all the themes from “Boy Meets World”. Take a listen and try to not be transported back to your childhood…

Back to work mugs

Most of us had a long weekend, but even if you didn’t… These mugs are perfect for Mondays or back to work after a long weekend, days.

#1. Get sh!t done, mug
This mug is for the optimistic worker. The worker that rather be doing something else but since they’re at work, they might as well get things done.


Buy it on amazon.com
Photo source: Amazon.com

#2. Costumer Service Mug
I call this the, Costumer Service Mug. Where you have to bite your tongue and say, “have a nice day” but really you want to say, “EFF OFF!”.

This mug takes care of it for you! You’re saying what you HAVE to be say, yet letting out what should be said.

I highly recommend you waiting till the person is not looking to take a sip of coffee hahaha!


Side note: hot chick is not included.

You can buy it on eBay.com
Photo source: eBay.com

#3. Warning to all co-workers
If anyone bothers you before you had your coffee… Then they’re in big trouble! And to prevent them from bothering you at the wrong time here’s this. A mug that tells them when they can talk, perfect right?
Now here’s an idea, say your co-workers suck major ass, make sure to have this full at all times and you’ll be alright!


You can buy it on, Etsy.com
Photo source: Etsy.com


I hope some of these help you get through your first day back to work. Remember, a mug can get you through the terrible days. Having a bad day, look at your mug or bust it out to use and BAM! Your day is automatically better!

You’re welcome.

What are YOU doing today??

Happy Memorial Day! Some of you might have the day off and if you do… Please remember why we have today off.

Speaking of having today off… You might enjoy some golf and if you do, I hope this won’t be you. If this does happen to you, please share the video to us here on Sparksradio.com!

Kid Takes ‘One Man Band’ To A Level – Song Kicks Ass!

Most bands are terrible. It’s great that they’re playing and creating and having fun, but let’s not avoid the fact that they’re just plain bad. This kid doesn’t have a band and sure as hell doesn’t need one. He’s making bad ass tunes all by himself. Watch and find out.

The Want Of The Week!

Just in time for kicking off the summer season, it’s the GOBQ!

Photo Credit: GOBQ Facebook

It’s a BBQ grill that shrinks to the size of a small backpack for easy storage and portability! Grill dogs, burgers and chicken on the go!

Photo Credit: GOBQ Facebook

Check the video out below to see it in action!

Great Scott!

Nothing I love more than a Back To The Future parody!

To preview their new Lego Video Game, Warner Brothers has Christopher Lloyd paying homage to one of his most famous characters.

Check out the video below!

Photo Credit: Lego Dimensions Video Game Video