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Three Day Weekend!

Well, hopefully you get a three day weekend. Thanks to everyone for working hard all year. Your reward? Day drinking on a Monday!

How we all react to a three day weekend, am I right?

Gif Credit: Pursuitofepicness Tumblr

Power Metal Is Coming

Granted, I’ve never seen an episode of Game Of Thrones, (stop with your gasping, if you knew how many TV shows, comic books and other nerdy things I do every week you’d understand). However something about GOT has always bugged me. I guess I’d say its popularity is weird to me, because back in middle school I was into dragons and magic and all I ever got was an asskickin’ and ridicule.

To me I feel confident saying that if you are a fan of GOT, but you don’t like Power Metal (the genre of music that is basically an episode of the show wrapped into 4 minutes), then you can’t watch anymore episodes.

So right a wrong, and listen to some Power Metal from a band called Seven Kingdoms whose music is inspired by George R. R. Martin.

Seven Kingdoms - “After The Fall” Courtsey of Nightmare Records

Photo Credit: LOLSnaps

That’s A Big Twinkie

In case you didn’t already have it marked on your calendar and had taken the day off from work, today is National Ghostbusters day! Well, at least Sony Pictures has designated it as National Ghostbusters day.

This weekend in select theaters all across the country you can watch the masterpiece on the big screen to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the films release. It has been remastered in 4K and you can count on me being there to catch it as it should be seen.

So grab your favorite Keymaster or Gatekeeper, enjoy the Labor Day weekend, and don’t forget, if anybody gives you any guff just tell ‘em “Back off man, I’m a scientist.”


Sony Pictures Official 30th Anniversary Trailer courtesy of MOVIECLIPS Trailers

Photo Credit: KSAT News
Gif Credit: IFC

More balls


Do you like Golf? How about Kickball? If you like one, the other or both you’re in luck because there’s a new sport in town and it’s called Kolf! That’s right, Golf AND Kickball!

What you’ll need is, a wide open space… Preferably a park with lots of obstacles. Kick balls, and posts.

You have to stand a certain distance away and the goal is to hit the posts. The post represents the “hole” in golf. The golf balls are replaced by kick balls.

Check it out here.

Photo source: Google Image

Nice Hipster Kilt


I’ve never heard of a hipster kilt till today and apparently if you’re a criminal… It might be a fashion YES for you.

37-year-old Daniel Ducret of Portland, Oregon wears a KILT.

Well, on Wednesday Daniel was at a electronic store wearing his hipster kilt . . . and security guards spotted him sticking electronics into a special pouch he’d added to it.

It must’ve been a big pouch, because he stole remote control helicopters, a phone car charger, and a computer mouse.

He got away that day . . . but when he came back to the store the NEXT day with his kilt on AGAIN, they recognized him and called the cops. He was arrested for theft.

A guy named Jonny McLain owns a kilt store in the area called Stumptown Kilts, and he’s FURIOUS over Daniel’s arrest. Quote, “It gives kilts a bad name.”

Now that kilts made the news, no REAL hipster will wear one again.

Read the full story, here. 
Photo source: Koin

Paul’s Pie Chart

I find it easy to convey information about myself in pie chart format.

What do you think? Am I off base with this assumption?


Be careful what you tweet

Twitter Fail!


Here’s some advice for you, especially for the football season…Don’t drink and tweet.

A twitter dude that goes by Fisher King, @Square Knight tweeted quote:
“Rams vs Browns tonight. If Michael Sam sacks Johnny Football & gives the money sign, drinks on me. For everyone in the world. Forever.”

Looked like he was off the hook… Till the 4th quarter then it all happened. “The Sack. The Sign” and the tweets calling this dude out!

I guess he realized people actually READ his tweets, like a LOT of people… So he decided to donate money to Sam’s favorite charity… And of course tweeting this, “Today I messed up by promising mankind free booze for all eternity.”

Read the full story here. 

Photo Source Here.