Academy Awards To Create New Oscar Trophy For Meryl Streep

BREAKING: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released a press statement pertaining to Meryl Streep’s Best Supporting Actress nomination. It seems that they want to create a ...

The Biggest Stories Of 2014 I Don’t Care About

Now that we’ve bid a farewell to 2014, and 2015 is in full swing it’s time to look back on those news stories that dominated the year that was, and ...

Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In January

Gif Credit: stalkeandoelmedio We bid a fond farewell to the year that was 2014 and prepare for another year of staying indoors instead of exercising. I’ll present movies and TV ...

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West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 53: Barbershop Trash and Polar Bear Extinction

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All Ears with Nomi & Sparks Episode 52k: Meats by Dre

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Best NFL video!

By far this is the best NFL video ever!! Be careful, you might pee after watching this hahaha.

Rusted Film Report: Climbing the Fence with Jeffrey Stroup

Meet Jeffrey Stroup, a native Clevelander and very talented Photographer with a very exciting hobby: Jeffrey is an Urban Explorer.

If you’re not familiar, Urban Exploration, a.k.a. Urbex, is the art of exploring abandoned buildings, climbing bridges and diving into sewers. It’s also becoming rapidly popular around the world!

Jeff was nice enough to let me tag along for a day and document his exploits. This goes without saying, but I had a blast!

And although I had the time of my life, taking a glimpse of Cleveland from a graffiti-stained roof and working my way out through the dark catacombs of a rusty boiler room, my adventure is  very minor for Jeff and his 200 + adventures! All of which, FYI, can be found on his very popular blog, Climbing the Fence. You can also see what him and his friends are up to via his Instagram.

I’d stay on top of it too…He posts pretty frequently, and has little intention of stopping, internet or not…But fear not, I sincerely doubt the internet is going anywhere. As for Jeff, I had such a good time that I have a feeling this won’t be the last I see of him!

Will Ferrell’s basketball fail

If you’re like me, then you love to see people get hurt. You can’t help but laugh, I know it’s horrible to say but it’s true.

Well all the fans that attended last night’s Lakers and Pelicans game got a special half time treat.. Will Ferrell!

Will Ferrell showed up to do the half court throw during intermission, he starts off will a Jordan position… Then ends up dodge balling a cheerleader, hitting her straight up in her face and knocking her to the ground.

The thing is, Will Ferrell is shooting his new movie, “Daddy’s Home”… So it’s unclear if this was for the movie or not. Will will carried out by security but was he truly “kicked out”, not sure.

The movie, “Daddy’s Home” is rumored to have both Will Ferrell AND Mark Wahlberg in it, the release date has not been announced.

Read the full story here.
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West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 52: IS THAT A SCARF OR A SNAKE?


WestandSparksNEW EPISODE! YESSSS! In this episode the guy’s do a spot on impersonation of what a talking snake would sound like and also discuss a most unfortunate car wreck scenario, juicin’ Olympians and dildo factories. Some of this stuff is real news and some is just your every day common malarkey! Either way, it’s the comedy podcast that critics are calling “fun as ride on a sperm whale.” Don’t miss a single minuted on this timed podcast!

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News That Matters:

Real Life or Michael Bay? 

The early bird gets the worm. But sometimes the worm. Gets. You. She was an unassuming, friendly old woman. She had her health, grandkids and a lifetime of fond memories. She loved beautiful things. But. Sometimes beautiful things…are deadly. Debbie was searching for the can one night, when she spotted what appeared to be a colorful, beautiful scarf on the floor. However, that’s not at all what it was…The scene turned from taking a shit to saying, “oh shit,” as she realized she was suddenly inside the slam-bang action thrill ride of the season! In late 2016, “Is that a scarf or a snake?” comes to a theater near you!

Guess What’s Up My RectumDeep, Deep where the sun is in lack. I once shoved something in deep, deep in my crack. Driving around in my minivan, I bought a scale and set out with a plan. Possession with intent to sell? hell yeah – how do you think I afford them whistles and bells. If you want drugs, there’s none that I’m lacking, who needs a bag when I’m really good at packing. Shoved up in there was a certain variety, of some premium product & I’m speaking highly. Nothing too insane so don’t be lame, I had heroin, hydromorphone, and a little __________






Another trailer for Season 5 of the Walking Dead

For all of my Walking Dead fans, there’s a new trailer that was just released for season 5. The new season starts on February 8th and if this doesn’t get you pumped… I don’t know what will!

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Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 49: Sexual Attraction Deal With It


SparksRadio.comUnlike your good ol’ postal worker, the Sparks Radio Podcast is working on this wonderful *MLK Day! This is a current news trivia game, where stand up comedian Michael Joyce is going to score points for knowing how the world works and for making jokes! Listen and play along as we’re talk about: Super clean strip clubs, terribly gross incest coming to New Jersey, and the criminal that gets the “Father of the Year” award!

*We firmly believe Doctor King wouldn’t give a shit about this if he were alive today

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  1. Admiral, Doesn’t, Deserve, Award, Facade
  2. Sexual, Attraction, Deal, With, Jersey
  3. Elude, Check, Dropped, Continue, Eluding



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Have you seen this? The Jay Leno Fly, Jimmy Fallon Fly, & Liam Neeson Fly

This is hilarious! Why haven’t we seen this before?