Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In March

Gif Credit: stalkeandolemedio If you live on the east coast this winter has been absolutely brutal, but it’s been excellent for aimlessly watching Netflix. If you live anywhere else, then ...

The Sparks Radio 2015 ALCADEMY AWARDS! Live Drinking Game for the Oscars!

You’re invited to DRINK and make fun of RICH FAMOUS PEOPLE for the whole world to see! We want YOU to join us as we play the SPARKS RADIO ALCADEMY ...

Things I Want Kanye West To Interrupt In My Life

Everyone’s favorite speech and moment spoiler was at it again last weekend at The Grammy’s. Much like back in 2009 when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift, Kanye again jumped on stage ...

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Great Take on Every 90′s Commercial.

Wait for it…

Time Waster Of The Day!


It’s Friday, and this week has kicked your ass. Why not take out that aggression on someone in a healthy way.

Move your mouse from right to left over the guys face, and enjoy.

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West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 57: Cell Phones and Delicate Fingers



WestandSparksMORE FREE entertainment being silvered free of charge on yo ass! Alright, so maybe we’re using “entertainment” loosely here, but nonetheless as FREE as Bald Eagle perched upon the shoulders of our forefathers sitting next to a trash can on someone’s front lawn with a sign that says…you guessed it…free.” If this is your first time listening, let’s break it down for you. This damn thing can only last 30 min long. You see, we time it so we don’t waste your time. It’s quick, it’s funny, it’s an incredible display of stupidity. Today we talk about: face blankets, tight underwear affecting your politics, and for some reason – Washing your hair in a bin. Check out Episode 57 of West and Sparks!

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Fire-breathing lizards. Dinosaurs with wings. Reptiles from hell: dragons. Such things have been rumored, discussed in low tones. Whispers. Dragons have always been associated with mythology, fables and tales…until now. When NASA sends an unmanned robot to Mars to look for signs of life, they get more than they bargained for: DRAGONS. Maybe. I mean, they could have existed there a long time ago because that rock formation over there sort of looks like a dragon skull. You see, in space, no one can hear you scream that it’s a slam-bang-action-thrill-ride-of-the-season! Michael Bay tackles…DRAGONS. FROM MARS. MARS DRAGONS.


Guess What’s Up My Rectum

Take, take me away. I’ve got, got to pay for my crimes of heinous. Prisons high, high security. Means I can’t have, have my purity of anus. Shoved up north in my way down south. The prison guards know that I’ve got some kind mouth. I’m a talker you see, and need to be free, just give me a SIM card and a full battery. They saw my posture, and called the doctor, and acted as a proctor. Sent back to my home, my stash now blown, with my anus feeling alone, I still can’t believe they found my ______


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This Is A Power Rangers Movie I Can Get Behind

Director Joseph Kahn created a fan film, dark, gritty and R-Rated 14 minute short film of an awesome Power Rangers movie. I’d be first in line to get my ticket for this one. Check it out below!

Photo Credit: Variety

A New House Of Cards Show?

House of Cards is probably one of my favorite shows on right now. Third season starts back up this Sunday on Netflix and you know a show is hot if people are making parodies of it.

This was released not long ago and is currently trending… Sesame Street: House of Bricks. If you know House of Cards, then you’ll think this is hilarious!

Kevin Spacey, I hate that I love your character… In both shows and parodies.

Photo source: Google Image

Time Waster Of The Day!


Back again on your Monday! This one is seriously addicting. Just move your mouse over the circle on the screen, you won’t be able to stop. It’ll kill a good 20-30 minutes guaranteed.

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Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 54: John Boehner Lost Circulation Viarga Found


SparksRadio.comIf Monday was a man, then consider this episode of the Sparks Radio Podcast the reason it’s difficult for him to pee when he wakes up! This is a NEWS TRIVIA PODCAST where we challenge stand up comic, Michael Joyce, to take on: Current News Stories, tricky definitions, and Feud style answers from you! The more he gets right, the more points he’ll get! Today’s show we’re talking about why John Boehner is so orange, a Breaking Bad style drug bust, and if Viagra is a performance enhancing drug! Plus we get to your answers on “Where’s the worst place to leave a box of kittens?” in Episode 54 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!

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The News:

  1. Light, Wearable, Head, Combats, Device
  2. 40 pounds, Broccoli, Discovered, Found, Buried
  3. Unfortunately, Viagra, Lost, Enough, Circulation

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