Analyzing The Batman v. Superman Trailer-With Pictures!

So of course one of the biggest stories yesterday was the fact that Batman v. Superman’s (Worlds Finest) trailer was leaked from a Portugal source. The internet exploded and the ...

5 things that have been invented since Tool last put out an album.

  As a band, Tool is incredible. Their songs, no matter how many times you’ve listened to them, never cease to amaze. Which is a good thing considering the fact ...

Public Outraged By New Study On Pop

  Scientists had the balls to publish yet another study about the harmful impact of pop on a living organism. World renowned researcher, Dr. Thomas Holler had to be the bearer ...

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Paul’s Pie Charts

So maybe I’m the only one keeping this show on the air, but one of my guilty pleasures is “A Haunting” on Destination America. The acting, the stories, the narrator, it all appeals to me on some level, and for my money, there isn’t a better show to have on in the background while I work. It also doesn’t hurt that Destination America plays “A Haunting” marathons 3 days a week, but hey when you got a ratings giant like this, why not?

But in the hours of watching the show, I’ve discovered a few things with the hauntings that occur throughout the world. Maybe if we could quantify these results we could knock all ghosts and hauntings off this planet. Here are a few observations I’ve made…

A Haunting




Featured Photo Credit: Google Play

Can I Have That Burrito…Delivered?

That’s right lazy people and stoners of the world. Chipotle has partnered with Postmates, a service that will bring Chipotle right to your door!

The catch? It’s expensive. Like real expensive. Jason Del Rey at re/code revealed “I just tried to order an $8 Chipotle burrito from Postmates and was told it would cost $20 with delivery and service fees”

Even though it’s pricey, there are days I can’t get off the couch so who knows. When it comes to Ohio, I might have to have a burrito brought to me, while I’ll lay on the couch, in sweats, on a Tuesday, at 2 in the afternoon.

Here’s the cities it’s available in:
screen shot 2015-04-23 at 10.04.07 am
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Featured Photo Credit: Nohsteachers

The Want Of The Week

In honor of the Star Wars trailer being released last week we bring you this Star Wars Want of the Week.

Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

That’s no moon, it’s an ice cube. Fill up this silicone mold and have a nice sized ice cube for all those summer drinks!

A two pack is only $8 on Amazon and you can be keeping cool this summer. Just don’t show it to anyone from Alderaan.

Featured Photo: Design-Moderne

Red’s Manager See’s Red

Wow, sports news abounding on Sparks today!

Red’s manager Bryan Price went on a tirade that included 77 f-bombs. Sorry it’s censored, but at least it’s SFW.

Still not better than this the all time great Bobby Knight pep talk. This one is uncensored so keep the volume low if you’re at work.

Featured image taken from Youtube video

Oh God, Tebowing Is Back

Tim Tebow has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles for next season. I cannot wait to hear what Philly fans have to say about this guy taking snaps (even though I know he won’t actually play for the Eagles).

A pretzel shop in Philly has decided to celebrate in their own special way. Check out the Tim Tebow Tebowing Pretzel from their Twitter account below!

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Is this you on 4/20?

Today’s 4/20 and all you want to do is make a snack after celebrating, right? But your snack ends like this…

Holy Retro Reboot Trailer Batman!

Youtube User Bobby Burns created a trailer for Batman v. Superman featuring clips from Christopher Reeve and Adam West from Batman ’66 and Superman. Check it out below!

Photo Credit: Bobby Burns Retro Trailer