Fashion Judged By The Opposite Sex

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A Review Of All The New TV Shows-Fall 2014 Vol. 2

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3 Ways To Survive Your First Day At Work and/or Prison

1. Fight the biggest BADDIE in the room This is how you establish dominance. Look, you’re the new guy. You’re on the bottom of the totem pool that these other a-holes ...

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New Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is still one of my favorite ladies of all time. She has a great fashion sense, punk/ska girl…. Although, she has changed some of her music when she went solo, but I still love her.

She just released her new song, check it out below. This will be my first time listening to it too… Let me know what you think!


This song is FUCKING GREAT! I hear a bit of Holy Diver around the 1:30 mark, 70′s funk bass around 2:05, and nothing but the Fighting Foo’s kicking ass throughout!  Great mix of sounds and styles. This new album is going to be amazing! Listen to the new song Something From Nothing below and be mindful of where you point your nipples after the songs over.

The Want Of The Week


Open Sky brings us this weeks Want Of The Week! The Cling Bling (not quite sure of that name) attaches to your window to charge your phone with solar power. It also boasts that the internal battery can be used to charge a phone even when not attached to a sun source. With the latest update to iOS my battery lasts about 10 minutes so I need a charger like this.

Right now it’s only $20 so it’s one of the more affordable Wants in the past few weeks.

Photo Credit (and where to buy one): OpenSky

Replacing the ball

In many work places, most commonly offices, people have been replacing their work chair with a work out ball. It’s better for the back and there’s a ton of health benefits to using it.

Now there’s a new work chair that you’ll be seeing around the office… Introducing the work chair saddle! What do you think?? Will you get one?

Photo source:

West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Episode 40: Here’s Why Jennifer lawrence Loves Bowling


WestandSparksThis episode has 28 grams of WHOLE GRAIN COMEDY GOLD in it, just saying! Speaking of which, West drives Sparks crazy with tagging “just saying,” on virtually everything discussed. You know the drill. The show is fast paced, like a mouse in heat (what a reference)! Once the damn show gets movin, it’ll only last 30min, which is still longer than most of us last in bed .  We also talk about: Ebola, Jennifer Lawrence and using porn at work!

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The football craze is everywhere, exploding onto TV’s across the nation and causing tailgating MAYHEM in most parking lots. The NFL and Mr. Bay are both no strangers to MAYHEM, so perhaps it’s a match made in heaven to put the critically acclaimed director in a position to bring the bone-crunching, testosterone filled sport that defines American values to the core to big screens everywhere! Rumor has it the plot line is centered around a devoted NFL fan getting his prosthetic leg stolen by a band of Yakuza assassins. What ensues next can only be described as the slam-bang, mega-explosive event of the 21st century in his latest movie entitled, “Football. GAME ON!”


Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Driving down the street, cars cars cars. Swerving left, swerving right. doors ajar ajar ajar. Parked on the street, where my money is made. I hit my own whip, now its time to get paid!



Not A Cat Person…

I’m not a cat person but this cat is awesome!!! So funny!

Zach from Rage Against the Machine with Run The Jewels! MUST LISTEN!

Zach from Rage Against the Machine is back and working with Killer Mike and El-P for this ridiculous collaboration! No hook and absolutely perfect!