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Latest episode of WeEk Sauce with Sparks and Jeremy is here! Week of June 9th, 2016! This is a weekly recap show of the News you might have missed throughout ...

NEW SHOW ALERT!!! It’s called: Week Sauce with Sparks and Jeremy!

NEW SHOW ALERT!!! It’s called: Week Sauce with Sparks and Jeremy! This is a weekly recap show of the News you might have missed throughout the week! We’re combining all ...

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Latest News

RHCP just went up in my book!

I like Red Hot Chili Peppers as much as the other guy but I think they just went up a little in my book after seeing this! 

When on tour you might ask yourself how Chad Smith keeps his energy high? Well, the answer to that is simple. He goes around town(s) and plays with street performers! 

AND THERE’S EVEN VIDEO OF HIM DOING IT! Hahahaa how cool is that??? Check it out below. 


The Amazon Dash button is a giant leap forward for mankind’s laziness. It used to be that you would have to go to your local store and physically buy things you may need. Then, Mr. Amazon himself was born into the world and made it easy for you to get things you never knew you needed, delivered right to your door.

But that wasn’t good enough. We needed to go deeper. We needed to go lazier.

So Mr. Amazon went back to work and invented the DASH button. This is basically a dog-training clicker that made it easier to order things off of Amazon.

It started with the necessities: toilet paper.. razors… awesome wireless routers…

But now. NOW we have button for Dude. Finally, the world has reached peak laziness.



DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty sure this orders something for men’s grooming products, but I haven’t done the research.

But I really wanted an excuse to post this amazing clip.

Chevelle’s new single!


Chevelle came out with another new single and I’m so geeked! Chevelle is one of my bands and I feel like they don’t get enough credit. Like, they’re the underdog of rock and they need to be highlighted more than they do. Maybe that’s what makes them so great? Plus, they’re from Chicago and I’m from Chicago so they got a little step up there too! 😉

Chevelle released their second single called, “Young Wicked” and it’s off their 8th studio effort The North Corridor which will be released on July 8th.

How would I describe the new song? It’s very Chevelle and it’s not disappointing at all! I would say its on the medium to harder stuff but not too much where you don’t feel like it’s the band. Does that make sense? If you haven’t heard it, the song is below.

The Chicago trio will be going on tour in early July, some of those dates they will be playing with Bush!

Click here for tour dates.

WOTE Does Another Cover

So I’m kind of obsessed with this band. They’re all so talented, seem down to Earth, videos are ALWAYS great and the covers they do are (for the most part) great! 

Walk off the Earth released another cover about a week ago and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. 

Not only have I always loved the song, but they do a great cover of it too! If you’ve never heard of WOTE, when you have time… watch all their videos. Honestly, they’re so much fun and they’re so talented. And if you’re into “harder music”, Sarah Blackwood is actually on “Lonesome Rider”, one of Volbeat’s singles. So, now you have to love her. 😉

Spoon Hacks

Is it just me, or are you waiting for him to hurt himself??

West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 113: Oh My God, the Bounce!


Episode 113- Oh My God, the Bounce!

West and Sparks TIMED Podcast is here for your Wednesday! Fight a bat, after your team wins a championship! Don’t bounce into electricity! Say goodbye to meat forever! Plus, we even give you the latest news on fashion, of all things! It’s episode 113 of West and Sparks!


News That Matters:


Bounce with me, bounce with me, bounce with me, bounce. Get bouncy bounce bounce bounce, until you just want to do an ounce. Would you bounce in a house? How ‘bout we bounce in a house? Until thugs descend on the house with FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLES! Go check on GRANDMA! It’s time to leave! In the slam-bang-action-electrical-thrill-ride-of-the-inflatable-season, it’s “Bounce in a House: the Electricity Equation.”

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Oh man! This is gonna be a great game! Soccer, A sport where the fans can’t be tame. Smuggled in my black hole, they said that I couldn’t bring it. Felt like an emergency, you’d need some light to have seen it. Whipping it out at the height of the moment. I burned 2 people now I need b-hole attonement. I brought this in bathing in its red glare, this I pulled out of my arse, it was a roadside _______





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X Ambassadors Guitarist, where is he?

Will he return-

For several months Noah Feldshuh hasn’t been around, leaving many people wondering where he is. The good news is, he’s not missing…. But the bad news is, he’s not returning to X Ambassadors.

The band released a statement on their social media pages saying,

Hopefully everything will be ok with Noah. Back in December of 2015, he was arrested in Ithaca, New York (the band’s hometown) on charges of driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and parking on a crosswalk. At the time of his arrest, his blood alcohol was at a 0.16%.

Noah’s December arrest might have or might not have anything to deal with him leaving the band. If there’s any additional information released, I’ll keep you posted, but I just hope he finds happiness whatever he’s doing.