Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In February

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Academy Awards To Create New Oscar Trophy For Meryl Streep

BREAKING: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released a press statement pertaining to Meryl Streep’s Best Supporting Actress nomination. It seems that they want to create a ...

The Biggest Stories Of 2014 I Don’t Care About

Now that we’ve bid a farewell to 2014, and 2015 is in full swing it’s time to look back on those news stories that dominated the year that was, and ...

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Onward Internet from Buck on Vimeo.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer is out. You see it yet?

Game of Thrones

This trailer looks like something you buy for $5 from a guy outside of a convenient store.


Alright, so the quality really isn’t there…but…but…here’s our first glimpse of season 5! It looks like this may get taken down at any moment, so check it out while you can! We all know Nomi will be excited about this, which blows my mind. Less than 5 years ago, if the average person overheard someone going on and on about a show with Dragons, Castles, and Wars against ancient evil creatures along a BIG wall – they’d be deemed “losers and nerds.” Now, people like George R.R. Martin are now only celebrities, but they are dictating what’s cool. This is proof positive that we are living in the golden age of all things NERD. Think about how awesome this is! You’ve got kids, who in any other point in time, would never dream of talking to the hottest people on the planet, sitting there connecting and interacting on the topic of GAME OF FUCKING THRONES. Revel in it now, because nothing this awesome is going to last.


The new season is out on HBO April 12th.


Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 50: Congress Writes Rap Album Zenzizenzizenzic


SparksRadio.comSparks Radio is ALL UP IN THIS MONDAY – WITH A NEW EPISODE! If you’re new here…welcome…welcome…hello…welcome…please have a seat. This is a current news trivia game, where stand up comedian Michael Joyce is going to score points for KNOWING the NEWS and THINGS! We give him points for every time he’s right or makes some jokes! Lucky for you, he’s never not scored points! Today we’re talking about paint punching, fashionable butt-plugs, and “NO MEANS NO” when in a library. Your Monday just went all willy-nilly, so sit back and enjoy!

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The News

  1. Dublin, Badly, Torn, After, Attack
  2. Statements, Effective, Giant, Belgian, Butt-Plug
  3. No, Stop, Kicked, Free, Library




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All Ears with Nomi & Sparks Episode 52k: Meats by Dre



ALLEARS (2)All Ears is like your mom – free and we put out every Friday! This episode is no different. We’re talking about some guy who got stabbed in the FACE with scissors, the fastest daughter drop off, and why you shouldn’t drink the KOOL-AID at work! This episode is jammed packed…we could add another “your momma” joke here, but that would put it over the limit (now an easy transition to a “your momma so fat” joke).

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Long Story Short:

Does Anybody Care?:


 Tom Morello and Serj’s Crazy Train Cover




Best NFL video!

By far this is the best NFL video ever!! Be careful, you might pee after watching this hahaha.

Rusted Film Report: Climbing the Fence with Jeffrey Stroup

Meet Jeffrey Stroup, a native Clevelander and very talented Photographer with a very exciting hobby: Jeffrey is an Urban Explorer.

If you’re not familiar, Urban Exploration, a.k.a. Urbex, is the art of exploring abandoned buildings, climbing bridges and diving into sewers. It’s also becoming rapidly popular around the world!

Jeff was nice enough to let me tag along for a day and document his exploits. This goes without saying, but I had a blast!

And although I had the time of my life, taking a glimpse of Cleveland from a graffiti-stained roof and working my way out through the dark catacombs of a rusty boiler room, my adventure is  very minor for Jeff and his 200 + adventures! All of which, FYI, can be found on his very popular blog, Climbing the Fence. You can also see what him and his friends are up to via his Instagram.

I’d stay on top of it too…He posts pretty frequently, and has little intention of stopping, internet or not…But fear not, I sincerely doubt the internet is going anywhere. As for Jeff, I had such a good time that I have a feeling this won’t be the last I see of him!

Will Ferrell’s basketball fail

If you’re like me, then you love to see people get hurt. You can’t help but laugh, I know it’s horrible to say but it’s true.

Well all the fans that attended last night’s Lakers and Pelicans game got a special half time treat.. Will Ferrell!

Will Ferrell showed up to do the half court throw during intermission, he starts off will a Jordan position… Then ends up dodge balling a cheerleader, hitting her straight up in her face and knocking her to the ground.

The thing is, Will Ferrell is shooting his new movie, “Daddy’s Home”… So it’s unclear if this was for the movie or not. Will will carried out by security but was he truly “kicked out”, not sure.

The movie, “Daddy’s Home” is rumored to have both Will Ferrell AND Mark Wahlberg in it, the release date has not been announced.

Read the full story here.
Photo source: Google Image