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The sister rivalry arrives with Beyonce and Solange as they join the show for a special 2-guest episode. And remember… please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow us on Twitter. See you next week! ...

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Be an Expendable!


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Have you done this yet? Holy hell, why not?! As you know, whenever a new Expendables movie comes out, it’s like a holiday for me. Hell, it’s basically a week long event. I have to buy my ticket, convince a friend that it won’t suck, re-watch the old ones and/or other old action movies, actually go see the new movie, and then clean the excitement off of the movie theater seats when it’s done. Exhausting, but I do it out of love for the old school action brawler film. 

So again, have you done this? Create yourself as an Expendable! Follow the link:


Gift Shop Sketch











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Watch ten seconds of this and TRY not to be interested in the “to be continued” segments. You won’t be able to wait for the next part! Reality TV has a lot of fans, and this sort of sketch writing is perhaps why reality TV is so popular in the first place! Boom! Watch it. Laugh. Share it!


Sparks took a helicopter ride over Vegas with the doors off…Here’s what happened!

Panic at the Disco donates to the Human Rights Campaign


Panic at the disco put members of the Westboro Baptist church in their place on Sunday night, when the band pulled into Kansas City for a gig. Members of the church were planning to picket their show. The band announced on social media that for every member that shows up, they will donate $20 to the Human Rights Campaign.

There were only 13 members from the Church that showed, the band thought that was weak because it only equaled out to be $260. They decided to up it to an even $1,000 and they also gave 5% of their merchandise sales to the campaign for LGBT equality.

Get the full story here.
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Lorde is 35?


Here’s an interesting rumor about Lorde that has been going round. When I read I started laughing at the fact that this was an actual conspiracy theory… It’s kind of ridiculous.

The rumor is, she’s actually 35 and not 17. Of course, Lorde did a recent interview with U.K.’s Guardian that explained that in fact, she is only 17.

“…On the other hand, it’s amazing that they’ve dedicated a Subreddit to my ‘real’ birth date. People revel in having an alien opinion, and I do, too. It’s important. It’s complete unfiltered democracy.”

Read more about other rumors she’s had to deal with and get the full article here.
Gigwise did a great article too about it, click here.
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NEW WEEZER! Listen to it here



Weezer will release their new album, ‘Everything will be alright in the end’ on September 30th.
Here’s their new single off that album, ‘Back to the Shack’. I love it, and hope you do too!

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Feel better Tim!


Really sad, Tim Alexander, the talented, long time drummer of Primus who has also played for other bands such as A Perfect Circle; suffered a heart attack late last week and will undergo open heart surgery this week to clear a blockage from his arteries.

Alexander has played with Primus off and on since 1988… Keep him in your thoughts and I’ll keep you posted.

Follow Tim Alexander on twitter, @timalexander

Read full article here.
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