Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In April

Gif Credit: stalkeandolemedio It’s Tax Month, and what better way to forget you’re being screwed out of your hard earned dollars than by sitting and watching Netflix for hours on ...

Public Outraged By New Study On Pop

  Scientists had the balls to publish yet another study about the harmful impact of pop on a living organism. World renowned researcher, Dr. Thomas Holler had to be the bearer ...

Get Your Stream On: New To Netflix In March

Gif Credit: stalkeandolemedio If you live on the east coast this winter has been absolutely brutal, but it’s been excellent for aimlessly watching Netflix. If you live anywhere else, then ...

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Superzeroes Issue #20: “Twister 2: Still Twisting”

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West and Sparks [Timed] Podcast Ep 60: Screaming Kidneys and Urinal Plunge

Podcast (westandsparks): Play in new window | Download Shall we start this ...

Sparks Radio Podcast: Special Episode with my Father

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This dog is great!

This is the greatest video ever!!! Hahahaha poor dog!

Pizza Royalties – Sick song made with the delivery guy

This Pizza guy better get some residuals if this pizza jam makes some dough…

Voldemort Gets Funky!

Photo Source: Smosh

What else can be said?! This song just doesn’t get old. 

All Ears with Nomi & Sparks Episode 60k: Golden Girl the goldest of Girls



Friday is finally here and we need to celebrate with All Ears!

It was one long ass week and everyone deserves a break… Let’s get your weekend started with this ridiculous podcast. Can you believe we’re already at episode 60k? Nuts right? In this episode we’ll cover it all… How to smuggle a friend on vacation with you, if people care about pregnant ladies posing naked, if a social worker is being hypocritical and we say goodbye to a lovely friend.

Don’t worry, the friend we say bye to is a metalhead woman and the story will make you laugh. Plus, we take a trip and it involves Wes from Wes & Sparks and our friend Gunner.

Hey it’s Friday, take a load off and enjoy a podcast with two wacked out people and especially this episode because Nomi & Sparks are both sleep deprived.


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Rusted Film Report: Magical Mike, Bruce Willis & the #CIFF39!


Of everyone I know working on the local film scene, Mike Wendt is my favorite. He’s undoubtedly one of the most helpful and friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and his positive attitude is paying off!

Many of us know that if you want to work in film, it’s a long climb up the ladder, and Mike knows it better than anyone. Regardless, he’s pulled himself up by the proverbial bootstraps and keeps climbing (although he modestly admits he’s still got a long way to go).

Humble as he may be, his feats should not go unnoticed. Mike’s hard work has earned him quite the reputation as a well respected location scout on a few little films like “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” “Draft Day,” and Bruce Willis’s latest project, “Wake.”

When he’s not testing ice patches, driving 15 passenger vehicles or hiking through the woods (all part of the job, folks) he’s taking active roles as an Assistant Director, Producer, and is currently wrapping up a short film he directed called “Goodbye, Ohio”.

And if that still doesn’t impress you, I should also mention that right out of college Mike produced a great documentary called “The End of the World as We Knew it,” about the infamous 90s Alternative Rock station, “The End.”

All in all, Mike’s career may just be starting, but he’s built quite an impressive resume. Have a listen to our conversation, and I guarantee you will learn a thing or two…From him, of course. I just ask the stupid questions.

And if you do run into him, say at the 39th Cleveland International Film Festival (SPOILERS) be sure to say “hi” and “thanks.” He’s always willing to lend an ear…just don’t bother him if he’s running the projectors.

Thanks for everything, Mike! Looking forward to hanging out at the festival!

Mike’s Facebook.



**DISCLAMER** It’s worth noting that this episode was recorded on a Friday evening. Some pizzas were had, booze were plenty, and some light-hearted buddy talk ensued from time to time. Tack on a little cursing and a very tricky podcast set-up in my living room (apologies in advance for any extra noise or slowly degrading quality) and you’ve got yourself a kickass time! In fact, crack open a beer while you listen. It may just get more entertaining! Especially when he gets to the part about an over-dressed Bruce Willis for what most of us Ohioans considered to be a somewhat mild winter (teaser :)

Superzeroes Issue #19.5: “Ghostbreasters”



Where Our Zeroes Bring You Rapid Fire News In 15 Minutes!

The .5 issues will be a new feature with Superzeroes in the weeks between Superzeroes Proper Issues. Think of them as mini-story arcs. Best part, they will be 15 minutes! Who doesn’t have 15 minutes to spare to get all the nerdy and dorky news you can handle?

Video of the Week! New Netflix Daredevil Trailer!

Don’t miss the Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon! 29 hours of Marvel Movies!
Photo Credit: TheVerge

Check for theaters and get your tickets by clicking here!

West and Sparks [Timed] Podcast Ep 59.5: It’s a Lie


WestandSparksRight off the bat, we lie about how long this episode lasts. We say 30 minutes, when we mean 9 minutes! Whoa?! Has the show just gotten more cutting edge, or did West royally screw up and lose most of the audio for this week’s episode?! It’s a mystery! Nevertheless, enjoy the holdover, until we get back to full swing next week!

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