Analyzing The Batman v. Superman Trailer-With Pictures!

So of course one of the biggest stories yesterday was the fact that Batman v. Superman’s (Worlds Finest) trailer was leaked from a Portugal source. The internet exploded and the ...

5 things that have been invented since Tool last put out an album.

  As a band, Tool is incredible. Their songs, no matter how many times you’ve listened to them, never cease to amaze. Which is a good thing considering the fact ...

Public Outraged By New Study On Pop

  Scientists had the balls to publish yet another study about the harmful impact of pop on a living organism. World renowned researcher, Dr. Thomas Holler had to be the bearer ...

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Latest News

Britt McHenry Loses It

Not to be outdone by Dennis Quaid (even though his was fake), ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was caught on a security camera going on a tirade against a parking lot clerk. She covers everything from

The Clerks:

And makes sure to cover the fact she’s on TV and therefore way more important than anyone else. Video truly makes me sick…

Photo Credit: Blacksportsonline

First Look At Jared Leto’s Joker

Jared Leto Snapchatted a look at his Joker green hair and red lips. Check it out below!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Forbes

Motorcyclist lucky to be alive…plus stlye points!

And the judges give him a…wait…this is recorded from a dash cam…so they must be Russian judges…and the Russian Judges give him 10 points!!!!

It’s A Trap…Oh Wait I Mean A Teaser


We got another look at a teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Several awesome things showcased in this trailer including the crashed Star Destroyer above, Vader’s broken helmet, new storm troopers, a look at the new Sith lord, and of course Han and Chewie! Nothing better than to see those two back together again!

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Photo Credit: Trailer Screen Shots!

The Want Of The Week

Just in time for summer this Want of the Week is “the coolest!” No seriously, The Coolest is the ultimate party cooler!


The features on this thing make it a must have for tailgates, summer barbecues, beach trips, whatever! In fact “The Coolest” holds the record for most money raised on Kickstarter at 13 million dollars! For real it has:

A bluetooth speaker
USB charger
Built in 18v blender
Tie down straps to hold all your party gear
Large wheels to handle all terrain

I hate the beach, but I’d go to the beach if I had one of these! Check out their website, and join the waitlist for one. Check out the promo video below to see it in action!

Photo Credit: The Coolest Facebook Page

OMG, Nerdasm! BatmanVSuperman Teaser Trailer

Batman V. Superman (Worlds Finest) director Zack Snyder released a 20 second teaser trailer teasing that the full trailer for next years gigantic, humongous, blockbuster will be released on Monday!

Check it out below, and what do you think?

Photo Credit: CinemaBlaze

Old people being creepers

What’s with old people being creepers lately. Seriously, don’t they know when you’re old, there’s certain things you can’t get away with?

Or even if you pull a creepy move like this and you’re young… some people will brush it off. But if you’re old, you’ll be labeled a creeper forever!

Old creeper #1. Joe Biden

Joining the creeper club is…. Madonna! Old creeper #2. Madonna