90’s Facts You Didn’t Know (Or Just Forgot About)

Sure we all know the Taco Bell Dog was a girl but voiced by a man, and that Surge was the drink of choice and slap bracelets were mandatory fashion ...


Lion kills dentist and does not feel bad about it

Dentists everywhere have been put on notice when one of their own was mauled by a feral lion, during a sanctioned and legal hunt.  Thaddeus the lion, normally a productive ...

MJ Unsol Non Celeb Screen Cap

Michael Joyce’s Unsolicited Non-Celebrity Endorsement

Non-celebrity Michael Joyce gives an unsolicited endorsement of one of his favorite products. Disclaimer: Opinions held by non-celebrities do not matter

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When wine meets whine

This guy has a ton of these videos, so when you’re bored at work and need something to do… just watch these.

What. The. F***

No! No! No! Buzzfeed, you pissed me right off!!

First off, if you’re going to have people eat deep dish pizza FROM CHICAGO then you have to have it fresh, not frozen.

Like come on, really? You think frozen pizza is going to taste like fresh, out of the oven pizza? I think the person who made this video or thought of this idea needs to go to Chicago asap, have pizza and do an apology video.


West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 73: Fist Of Fury



West and Sparks TIMED Podcast. #1 in Timed Podcasts! #1 in Sharing Music of the Internet! #1 Source for NEWS THAT MATTERS! #1 In REAL LIFE OR MICHAEL BAY NEWS! #1 IN RECTUM NEWS! If you don’t believe us, then you clearly don’t listen! Today #1 Podcast on Earth (this podcast) hits you hard with: A new sport that sweeping a crippled economy, leprosy, and Jimmy Olgesby shoved something in his b-hole. This is the only news source claiming to be 30 minutes of everything you need – and there’s no way we’re lying! It episode 73 of West and Sparks!

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Guess What’s Up My Rectum

Sparks Radio Podcast with SPECIAL GUEST Brandon “Gooch” Hahn Ep 69: I Learned About Grapholagnia Today


Las Vegas comedian/radio personality/guy most likely to respond to your text via pic you wish you hadn’t seen –  Brandon “Gooch” Hahn – took time away from his wildly successful Rise To Offend Podcast, to come on this hovel of a show and fill in for Michael Joyce. Gooch did a killer job as we talked about: Celebrity foreskins, bird fights, and the worst thing to nibble at your feet! Sit back and listen to this very special episode of the Sparks Radio Podcast!

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  1. Drinking, Police, Charged, Naked, Pigs
  2. Canadian, Members, Taken, Threats, Foreskin
  3. Aggressive, Election, Killed,Towns, People



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All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 77k: On Empty



All Ears is here for all your Friday procrastination needs! Today we answer the following questions:

  • Hey, why is that man standing near that horse with all those shirts?
  • Jesus doesn’t go stag?
  • Is she trying to guess my credit score?

Sit back and let your mind be blown by the freaks and weirdos that seem to come out of the woodwork at weeks end. It’s episode 77k of All Ears!

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Long Story Short:

  1. Do you have 5 minutes to talk about Jesus?
  2. Drug are bad mmmkay?
  3. duck duck horse

Does Anybody Care?:




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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Playing An American Bad Ass – Watch The New Trailer!

Hugh Glass is the guy who Leonardo DiCaprio is playing in his new film “The Revenant.” If you’ve never heard of that name before, then you’re in for a SLAM-BANG-ACTION-THRILL-RIDE full of bear fights, gun fights, fistfights, mixed in with fight or flights. Bottom line, there was a lot of fighting going on and Hugh Glass was all about it…do I need to stress the bear fight again? It’s all true and you can read about him in the history books. This story, combined with Tom Hardy and one of the greatest directors of all time (Yeah! I SAID IT!) Alejandro G. Iñárritu – this movies will for sure have two things: Long takes without edits and fighting. I’m in.