Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sparks Radio Podcast Episode 11: Cow Sex Popular On Moon

Ever wonder why most dictators end up loosing their power? Sparks and New York based stand-up Michael Joyce, answer that very question, and the answer WILL SURPRISE YOU! Plus, they break down the latest news stories, try to guess your answers to the Facebook poll, and introduce a new bit! It’s all inside Episode […]

Eye of the Tiger played on a Dot Matrix printer – better than you think!

Good thing I didn’t know about this as a kid…my parents would’ve been so pissed at all that NOISE! Give it a sec to really get going, it awesome! “Eye of the tiger” on dot matrix printer from MIDIDesaster on Vimeo.

Mac Lethal throws it into high gear

Mac Lethal is an awesome rapper! Being huge Rhymesayers fans, @MikeDoesThings and I saw him with about 9 other people at a show back in ’08, Even then he put on a great show. Here’s his latest video, just wait for him to find that extra gear and make it seem like he’s rapping in […]