Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Island of Rock

Full Disclosure: I consider Mumford & Sons to be “Rock Music.” I’m using this nomenclature in comparison to “Pop Music” and “Rap Music.” Yes, I know your parents like Mumford, and no, I don’t care.   THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!! For some reason, British people have been killing it lately. Especially British rock musicians, like […]

All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 5000: Nicholas Cage is the Man

It was a busy week for you and the world, but fear not because Nomi and Sparks break it all down in Episode 5000! We talk about: North Dakota and Nicholas Cage (same story), a lot of boob talk (yay boobs!), and how Nomi’s greatest fear is affecting her life! Links to Articles! Long Story […]

Get Stoned

7 out of 6 doctors are now recommending people to get stoned to better deal with anxiety. That’s a lot of doctors. Source blogs tribune Getting stoned at home is quickly becoming a sensational hobby for folks. It’s great for property value too, as long as the stoning doesn’t happen in the master bedroom. You’d miss […]