All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 32k: I’ve Got The Yawns for Amish People


All Ears is back and really to round out your week! Last week, both Nomi and I were on vaca, but now they are back talking about everything that you’d rather listen to besides work! Anything is better than working on a Friday, so listen in as we talk about: Sex toy bandit in Walmart, the worst cell mate to have in prison, and how to get rid of a “Squirrel Orgy” on your back deck. All this plus more inside Episode 32,000 of All Ears!

Long Story Short:

1. Ew walmart is sexy to people?

2. The Poop Game

3. Hooters coffee

Does Anybody Care?:

1. Some Lady Died Her Hair

2. Some Lady Had a Cake

3. Some Lady Likes Skin