All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 33k: Vending Machine Guy Finds Lunchable In Rolls

ALLEARS (2)All Ears is like a NEW BABY! Fresh out the magical womb of and looking for your affection. Make your Friday better by giving this episode a go as we talk about: how vending machine people are the worst, Nomi’s “uncatching on fire”, and how Lunchables is just a way to trick fat kids into eating less. If you’re looking for a lighthearted podcast where two people talk about stupid criminals, poop jokes, and how to deal with a-holes at work, then you’re like an old timey internet prospector hitting gold! Claim this land NOW!

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Long Story Short:

1. Let me see the rolls

2. Love your meatballs

3. BBC

Does Anybody Care?:

1. Some lady is with child again

2. Some guy won’t forget

3. Some guy read his email


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