All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 87k: In The Jerk Corner


If this Podcast was a potato, it’d be twice baked! No, that’s not a weed joke….we had computer issues and we had to record this son’a’bitch TWICE! But alas, All Ears is fresh out of the podcasting oven! Today’s show is all about: Old man fights, the best way to rob a bank, and we’ll tell you which state is famous for having the longest hair! Come hang out in the jerk corner with us! This is episode 87,000 of All Ears!!

Links to the Articles!

Long Story Short:

  1. Sample some asshole
  2. Super freaky
  3. On fire

Does Anybody Care?:

  1. Some lady had a lady stroke
  2. Some dude says a thing
  3. Some lady says hair thing


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