All Ears with Nomi and Sparks Ep 98k: Santa’s Name And Underwear Pencils


All Ears is super fresh on this Friday! Nomi explains why she touched her old roommate’s underwear with pencils. Sparks talks about how he just witnessed Santa use the outdoors to relieve himself. With segments like: Long Story Short, 5 Second Music News, and “Does Anybody Care”, you’ll get everything you need while giving the ol’ 40oz salute to the weekend! So strap yourself to whatever the hell you’re sitting on and chow down on episode 98,000 of All Ears!


Long Story Short:

  1. Red Nose Robber
  2. Donate Your unk
  3. Captain underpants

Does Anybody Care?:

  1. Nomi’s favorite says something
  2. Some lady wears underwear
  3. Some lady likes her boobs



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