All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 104k: Magically Vagina

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The freshest episode of All Ears is Here! If this episode were donuts – they’d be “hot and fresh”! If this episode was a baby – it’d still be covered in goo! This is a BIG episode with a bunch of extra goodies, including audio from Deftones lead singer – Chino Moreno! ( Thanks to Carlota for the hookup! #KILPOP) We’re also talking: The number one reason you shouldn’t go into a Hot Tub, people still steal from Radio Shack, and Nomi’s reasoning on why vagina’s are magical. It’s all in episode 104k of All Ears!

Long story short:

  1. Have it your way
  2. Sounds fishy
  3. Buns of steal

Does anybody care:

  1. Some Lady hasn’t got work done
  2. Some band moves on
  3. Some ladies hung out together

Papa John picture that was talked about….


Photo source: Total Frat Move

Little bit:

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