All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 107k: Ham Thieves and Hormone Users

all ears 107k

All Ears is here on this bad ass Friday! We’re hitting you with all the trending news you should know for the weekend! Today’s show is all about: Why are Australians spitting on children?, How to catch a thief using HAM!, and What’s the average amount you should leave for a tip? All this, plus find out if Nomi has a tattoo she regrets all in Episode 107K of All Ears!! (Please Rate and Review us! – Link above!)


Long story short:

  1. Michael Joyce
  2. Reasons to have a cop cam
  3. Pulling a hammy

Does anybody care:

  1. Some lady took hormones
  2. Some guy is in some movie
  3. Some people are in towels


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