All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 110k: Star wars, Teen wolf, Someone Doesn’t Get It


It’s a new episode of All Ears with Nomi & Sparks! We have a special guest on this show, your clues are… He’s round, small and has been working out a ton. Has Nomi finally seen Star Wars? Has Sparks turned into a Teen Wolf or is he a walking zombie from lack of sleep? Get all the answers and more on this week’s podcast of All Ears with Nomi & Sparks.

Long Story Short: Now… Sparks notes

  1. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time
  2. Hands of my meat
  3. Relationship goals

Does Anybody Care:

  1. Some people are divorcing
  2. Some people didn’t get along
  3. Some guy works out

More show notes:

Native Roots at Mile High
Powerpuff Yourself