All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 114k: Wet Flip Flops


All Ears is back with a new episode!!! We’ve got all the News that trending, not trending, should be trending, and will never see the light of day! Today’s show is all about BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS – BOTH PERSONAL AND FOR THE SHOW! Also, Nomi describes her favorite sound, the worst thing to have stuck to your back, and how to convince your loved one you’d like their pubes back! It’s a full show, so strap in for episode 114k of All Ears!


Show notes:

Long Story Short: Now… Sparks notes

  1. When a man loves a woman
  2. A sticky situation
  3. Opps D Bag Alert

Does Anybody Care:

  1. Some people have fingers
  2. Some lady isn’t in a movie
  3. Some guy is doing an interview


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