All Ears with Nomi & Sparks Ep 119k: Will Someone Open This Window?

ep 119k

All Ears is here, but not without a little bit of drama. FUCK YOU WINDOWS!! This episode is consists of Sparks in FULL ON RAGE MODE. FUCK. YOU. WINDOWS. Also we talk about: Winning the lottery and ruining it, the worst way to get your girl in the mood, and what to do after you get caught looking! This is episode 119k of All Ears so sit back, flick off Bill Gates, and enjoy Friday with this new episode!

Show notes!

Long Story Short:

  1. What kind of luck is this?
  2. Sex on fire
  3. Girl with the dragon tattoo pt 4

Does Anybody Care:

  1. Some lady’s waist size
  2. Some lady arrested
  3. Some lady sues


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