All Ears with Nomi & Sparks Episode 60k: Golden Girl the goldest of Girls


Friday is finally here and we need to celebrate with All Ears!

It was one long ass week and everyone deserves a break… Let’s get your weekend started with this ridiculous podcast. Can you believe we’re already at episode 60k? Nuts right? In this episode we’ll cover it all… How to smuggle a friend on vacation with you, if people care about pregnant ladies posing naked, if a social worker is being hypocritical and we say goodbye to a lovely friend.

Don’t worry, the friend we say bye to is a metalhead woman and the story will make you laugh. Plus, we take a trip and it involves Wes from Wes & Sparks and our friend Gunner.

Hey it’s Friday, take a load off and enjoy a podcast with two wacked out people and especially this episode because Nomi & Sparks are both sleep deprived.


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