All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 99k: Man Chalupa


Nomi and Sparks are back from winter vacation! Are they pumped? Yes! Are they rusty? Yes! But that might just make this episode one of the best ones!

They cover why snapchat was invented, what’s happening with Deftones and their legal troubles; someone with huge breasts is mastering breastfeeding and they answer emails… Today’s email might make you mad too depending on your favorite team. Listen to All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 99k and happy Friday!

Long Story Short:

  1. Snapchat crime
  2. No dumb criminals
  3. Brown sauce

Does Anybody Care?:

  1. Some lady Breastfeeds
  2. Some guy is in the shirtless zone
  3. Some girl kissed another girl on New Years



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