Ball Gets Stuck On Rim, Lose Title Game!

This is probably the 4th most embarrassing way to lose a Middle School Basketball game. The others include:

3. Your parent yelling at the ref about a blown call, only to have the ref call off the game.

2. Chad, that prick, notices you making eye contact with your crush on the sidelines. He then depants’ you mid layup¬†(Fuck you Chad!) causing you to flail like an injured canary. Ironically symbolic of her and your now tumultuous relationship based on volleys of eye contact as you passed by her desk everyday. The ball careens towards the crowd, spinning out of control, only a hit the principal in the face causing blood to gush from her nasal cavities and on to printed pages in her hand. Those pages? Oh those pages are of your internet search history after that one afternoon where you discovered what the animators of Japan have been drawing lately.

1. You pee your pants.

Give the video a watch and see if you agree.