The Amazon Dash button is a giant leap forward for mankind’s laziness. It used to be that you would have to go to your local store and physically buy things you may need. Then, Mr. Amazon himself was born into the world and made it easy for you to get things you never knew you needed, delivered right to your door.

But that wasn’t good enough. We needed to go deeper. We needed to go lazier.

So Mr. Amazon went back to work and invented the DASH button. This is basically a dog-training clicker that made it easier to order things off of Amazon.

It started with the necessities: toilet paper.. razors… awesome wireless routers…

But now. NOW we have button for Dude. Finally, the world has reached peak laziness.



DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty sure this orders something for men’s grooming products, but I haven’t done the research.

But I really wanted an excuse to post this amazing clip.