All Ears with Nomi & Sparks episode 132k: The Wrap Up


We meet again…Welcome to All Ears episode 132k. So much to cover and so little time, Nomi and Sparks gets right into with new music that is trending, and how to win Nomi’s monthly surprise. How do moms celebrate the first day of school? How did Mr. Coffee become a brand? And there’s something wrong with Sparks’ voice and we don’t know what it is, maybe you can help us?

Get the latest in what’s happening with the world and a side of awesome with this episode of All Ears.

Show Notes:

Long Story Short:

  1. Mr. Coffee
  2. Bad Moms
  3.  Chucky

Does Anybody Care:

  1. Some guy smiles
  2. Some lady is having more offspring
  3. Some guy is playing in a movie