Elon Musk wants your brain, A short 5.5 inches, and Red Bull gives you charges – Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 235


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Today we’re talking about: Elon Musk wants your brain, A short 5.5 inches, and Red Bull gives you charges – Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 235


Elon Musk wants your brain

  • Elon Musk, yeah the tesla guy and space x guy and starlink guy and boring company guy
  • Jesus christ how many companies does this guy have?
  • 5? What’s the last one?
  • Is he the musk cologne guy?
  • That’s not him? 
  • Well he has another company – Neuralink, which sounds like a windows update i’d keep ignoring – that plans to merge human brains with computers
  • They call it BMI as in
  • Body mass index – no that maths way of saying you’re fat 
  • Bmi – Bacon Macaroni Ice cream? GOD MATH IS RIGHT – I AM FAT
  • No, Brain Machine Interface – More like in-your-face, ammiiright?!?! 
  • They’re planning on having a live demonstration of this on friday
  • Which is insane because I saw spiderman 2  and this is how Doctor Octopus was created
  • They want to sew flexible electrodes, they call threads, into people’s brains. And to do this they’re making a thread sewing machine
  • That’s unbeweavable!
  • Maybe in the future, we’ll all walk around with wires hanging out the back of our heads – looking like the twins from the matrix 
  • Hair plugs will be actual plugs
  • People are of course happy and nervous about this
  • My wife has MS, so if a computer can help rewire signals around scar tissue on her spinal cord – help her regain feeling in her hands and feet, that would be huge.
  • Plus maybe she’ll come with free wifi 
  • Call it Wife -fi
  • I bet Elon musk has already had this done. You can see him being patient zero
  • That’s what he named his son the number 12 – it’s like a deli counter – that’s his place in line. 
  • Plus it would makes sense why he’s been saying all that dumbshit about the coronavirus lately 
  • He’s fried out
  • He’s not actually concerned about tesla stockholders short selling 
  • He’s concerned with shorting, shorting out

A short 5.5 inches

  • I guess men’s 5.5 inches are all the rage on tiktok right now
  • It’s my birth right to think that people younger than me are automatically dumber
  • But this is the first time I’ve heard women excited to see 5.5inches
  • We’re talking about the inseam on men’s shorts. People are raving about it on tiktok. 
  • I’ve actually never been on tiktok. I always thought it sounded like an app to measure a woman’s biological clock. And that’s not right, eharmony already does that
  • Women are loving shorter shorts on men. Men don’t have an opinion on the matter because they’re not allowed to
  • Men’s shorts normally come in around 7inches. 
  • This is something women know all too well. 
  • That extra 1.5 inches, really makes a difference 
  • I had no idea that women wanted to see more of my thighs. 
  • I got the opposite impression when my school basketball shorts had an inseam of 3.5 inches
  • Mallory Jackson used to call me Hairy Bryd
  • Do women really want to see men with shorter shorts nowadays?
  • Now it’s 5.5 inches then by next year, we’re all going to have shorts like the 81’ celtics?
  • I say women, because let’s face it, they make the fashion choices for society
  • Men can think they decide what’s fashionable, but they don’t
  • Ultamintally, it’s the lady who decides if you look good enough or not
  • This is why males birds are always the more colorful ones
  • Peacocks with those dazzling colors are the males – peahens are the females
  • That’s why guys are always wearing stupid fashion choices
  • See. Bird – feathers, male – capris
  • So mens short shorts are having their day in the sun, but jump on the bandwagon to quickly
  • First you’ll probably burn your legs
  • Second, man legs are ugly. They’re meat sticks covered in hair. Like hot dogs on the floor of a barbershop
  • We don’t need less clothing on men, we need more
  • My neighbor works on his car shirtless all the time and it’s disgusting. He always want to talk to me
  • No Vin, I don’t want to talk to you because I can’t stop looking at your weirdly dark nipples. 
  • Why do they have a pale ring around the areola? 
  • It’s like looking at a solar eclipse. Just as blinding too.

Red Bull gives you charges

  • The grandson of the creator of red bull is now a the family black sheep because he’s on the lamb
  • Thai police are looking for him after he was in a car accident that killed a cop.
  • What’s his name, oh that’s an easy one, it’s Vorayuth Yoovidhya
  • I know it rolls off the tongue, but don’t worry, he went by the nickname, boss
  • Anybody who goes by “boss” in everyday civilian life outside of a job is a piece of shit
  • Like a video game, this was the final boss, because nobody has seen him since the accident in 2012
  • The Thai police just put out a new warrant, updating that he was driving recklessly and had traces of cocaine in his blood when he was arrested
  • Of course he did. He’s the red bull trust fund baby – was he going to be arrested having a quiet night at home with a book and glass of wine?
  • No, he’s pounding red bull vodka cranberries in Bangkok, snorting lines of blow, dreaming up ways to shoot a man out of a cannon into a blimp.
  • Now he’s gone. He’s in the wind – because red bull gives you wings
  • He’s not going to step foot in Thailand again. He’s got all the money in the world and wont need to come back
  • He can live like that rich guy who had cancer in the movie Contact. He was just flying around constantly because the high altitude slowed the cancer down. He’ll do that -because you know – red bull gives you wings
  • Or this guy is probably chillin on a private island somewhere – flying in super A list celebrities to entertain him – like a Private Paul McCartney concert – because – you know – red bull gives you wings