Load up on the chicken!

n-KFC-FRIED-RAT-HOAX-large570Photo source: huffingtonpost.com

Remember that story about the KFC rat? If you didn’t hear about it here are the highlights, a customer in LA was eating KFC and there was a piece of chicken that tasted rubbery and looked like it was in a shape of a rat.

He posted the picture of his chicken on social media and it went VIRAL.

Since the photo made it’s round, KFC was basically forced to check it out. They took the “fried rat” to the lab to see what the fried animal was and the results came back with…. CHICKEN.

The customer, Dixon hasn’t reacted to the results that KFC has found.

But it’s good to know that Kentucky Fried Chicken won’t be changing their name any time soon. Time to stop by and get some grub!

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