Nail Polish Protector #GirlPost

Source: Google Image

You know when your nails are looking so great because you just did them! They look so amazing you think to yourself, “hey people are going to think I had them professional done!” Then after an hour of drying you think you’re safe and you go to sleep; Or you open something, change your clothes, make something to eat, go to work… You look down to admire your fabulous nails and WHAT?!?! They’re ruined!!! Chipped, sheet, wrinkled, mashed up, when did this happen??? You were so careful!

Well ladies, fear not! Those days are OVER!!! Look what I found, Nail Polish Protectors! I know, hiring a body guard to make sure your nails stay amazing sounds ridiculous and expensive. 😉

But this is not the case, first off…. You don’t need to hire anyone and these cost $5 or less!

You clip the protectors on your finger and BAM! You’re done! Protection in full effect! If you want to purchase these, you can find them on amazon, by clicking here!