New trailer with an old school tune

I can’t believe I’m saying Nirvana is old school, but it’s true. We’re old. The other day I met someone born in 1995 and THEY WERE LEGAL TO DRINK! What?!?

Ok anyway, Netflix is killing it with series and the Defenders is no different. The new teaser has been released and Nirvana ‘Come As You Are’ is playing as the soundtrack of it.

Side note, have you notice there has been a lot of “teasers” coming out and not even trailers? What now, we’re going to get three teasers and two official trailers then experience the show/movie? Out of control! Hahaha

The TEASER looks good, but not a lot of information is put into it. The series will be worldwide on Netflix by early 2017, either way…. I’m really excited about this series!