Rusted Film Report: JJ Gives me a Mind Job


Among a writer and director, JJ Winlove is many things…He’s a New Zealander, living in Australia! Mind. Blown.

But above all else, he’s a natural born storyteller who loves to write, and he’s determined to share his work with us…So much so that he’s even willing to isolate himself in a summer home just to get an idea hatched out, and we couldn’t be more grateful because that’s exactly how the Mind Job was born! Seriously, JJ, thank you…from one writer to another. There’s nothing scarier to me then being left alone with my thoughts.

A scarier thought is he’s actually doing it again! This time, he’s working on a script for a feature-length, all while continuing to juggle around a very ambitious project he’s dubbed 12 Shorts. 12 Months.

…it practically took me all morning just to post this article…Well played, JJ…Well played. Listen to the interview below, and then go watch “The Mind Job” here.


JJ’s Website

JJ’s Twitter

12 Shorts. 12 Months.

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