Sparks Is Back On HuffPost Live – This Time With Russell Howard!

russell howard


First up – remember that “head shot” HuffPost Live asked for last time I did this? This one. I sent them this one, and they USED IT?



Well, apparently it’s set as your permanent avatar pic on HuffPost Live’s site, because IT’S STILL THERE.


sparks still on huff post live

What I thought was a funny one time joke is now becoming a test to see how long my hideous face will stay up there.

To the interview!

Russell Howard is a big time comedian over in the UK and he’s starting to make his way here to the good ol’ USA. The dude’s done it all – radio, TV, stand up, & he’s got a movie coming out alongside his sister. Well, now you can add HuffPost Live to that resume, because we did it! And by “we”, I mean I got to ask him a single question on a webcam via my shitty wifi connection! Hooray! Honestly though it was a damn blast and it was very nice of HuffPost Live to have me on again. Russell is a funny guy and probably coming to a city near you on his tour across the states.

Check out the interview! My question is around the 16:42 mark: