Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 126 f/ Stand up Sean Leary: Energetic, Fun, Informative, Professional, Supportive

Sparks Radio Podcast 126 2

Being the week of St. Patty’s Day, we’ve got the most Irish named comedian on the show! (That…and he was sick a couple weeks ago and was nice enough to reschedule.) Sean Leary is taking a stab at trying to score points while cracking jokes and talking about the latest news! Today we’re breaking down: Microwave spies, $100 masturbation fines, and bear attack parole violations! Strap in an enjoy episode 126 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!!

Show Notes:

The News:

  1. Influential, Modern, Microwave, Tapped, Himself
  2. Overly, Sweating, Professionally, Frozen, Goal
  3. $100, Outside, Viagra, Session, Fine

I’m Blanking:

  1. Levi’s commuter  ______ with google smart fabric arrives this fall
  2. Writer horrified after google spreads lies about caramelized ____
  3. Man blames _______ attack as the reason he violated his parole



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