Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 130 f/ Stand Up Michael Joyce: Fattest Man’s Selfie of Self-Exploration

Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 130


HE’S BACK! THE OG COMIC OF THIS PODCAST – MICHAEL JOYCE IS HERE! Michael is a stand up out of NYC and he’s trying to score point while breaking down the news! We’re talking: the fattest man in the world, most expensive ice in the desert, and the bra you should get your mom! This is a great episode as Michael crushes Episode 130, so strap in and enjoy the Sparks Radio Podcast!

Show Notes:

The News:

  1. 18 year old, self-exploration, Mother, Detection, Bra
  2. Financial, Selfie, Life, Insurance, Company
  3. Seven, Heaviest, Mexican, Science, Years

I’m Blanking:

  1. Pope doesn’t think a ____ should be called “mother”
  2. Woman arrested for shooting at teen for attempting to __    _
  3. _______ to be towed from Antarctica for drinking water



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