Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 131 f/ Stand up Peet Guercio: Wildcard, Nonsense, Aggressive, Enlightening, I-Heart-Frenchies

Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 131

Has he traveled the world? Does he tell jokes for a living? Is he on TV? Can you pronounce his name properly? Am I going to keep writing questions? Maybe? Peet Guercio is on the show and scoring points as we breakdown today’s NEWS! We’re talking: Women mining as men, man killed woman who was once man and then killed himself, and school naps! Look, you’re going to want to listen to this one as Peet comes out of the gate swinging and show total domination! Climb into a pod and enjoy episode 131 of the Sparks Radio Podcast! Also, be sure to follow Peet and check out his site HEYPEET.COM!

Show Notes:

The News:

  1. Hot, Dirty, Miner, Revealed, Woman
  2. Fix, Pig, Pot, Transgender, Escort
  3. Stress, Teen, Soft, Pod, School 

I’m Blanking:

  1. Pastor attempting to ________ like Jesus is eaten by crocodiles
  2. Bald men are more ______and masculine
  3. Singapore vending machine dispenses __________



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