Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 142 f/ Chris Thayer: Hostile Rigged Nightmare And Chris

Want to know how to fix world hunger? Chris Thayer has an idea. Want to know how to end racism? Chris Thayer has an idea! Want to know the percentage of US men infected with HPV? “Coincidentally” enough, Chris Thayer knows the exact amount. It’s all inside episode 142 of the Sparks Radio Podcast featuring stand up Chris Thayer! While you’re at it, check out his website HERE!

Show Notes:

The News:

  1. Cannibalism, Doctor, Presumed, Waste, Product
  2. Google, Suggested, Counting, Cupcakes, Disorder
  3. Rising, Silent, Man, Killer, Rates

I’m Blanking:

  1. Candidate falls for hoax, proposes drug-sniffing police ______
  2. Donald Trump’s fear of _____ confirmed?
  3. California inmate injured battling _____ as one escapes




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