Sparks Radio Podcast Episode 10: JLo Ubiquitous Gay For Donuts

SparksRadio.comSparks and Michael have hit 10 EPISODES! They celebrate it by figuring out what Delta’s new slogan should be, talking about JLo’s link to jail, and introduce a new segment into the show!

Links to the Articles!

The Bit

Woman thrown off Delta flight because man denied having sex with her– “Phrases overheard on a Delta Flight”

The News

  1. Ubiquitous, Arctic, Agents, Puzzle, Risk
  2. Jennifer, Lopez, No, Longer, Jail
  3. French, Dreams, In, Valley, Children
  4. Climbing, Trees, Regulate, Tennessee, Body
  5. Earth, Americans,  discovery, expressed, low

The “What if”

What if you could get free donuts by hitting on the gay guy who likes you at Dunkin Donuts? Would you do it?

The Feud

Name an animal women associate with power?

5 Words that name this podcast

JLo Ubiquitous Gay For Donut