Sparks Radio Podcast Episode 11: Cow Sex Popular On Moon

SparksRadio Logo iTunesEver wonder why most dictators end up loosing their power? Sparks and New York based stand-up Michael Joyce, answer that very question, and the answer WILL SURPRISE YOU! Plus, they break down the latest news stories, try to guess your answers to the Facebook poll, and introduce a new bit! It’s all inside Episode 11 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!

Links to the Articles!

The Bit

Things that could be hiding in Maduro’s mustache…


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The News

  1. Face, fear, revoked, pain, intellectual
  2. Farmer, Mohawk, video, charged, two
  3. First, Drink, popular, moon, sweat
  4. Iowa, man, hooked, 8,000lbs, Twix
  5. Complex, mother, series, Ryan, Seacrest

The Definition

The Feud

  • Name something people would be afraid of!

steve harvey eyes

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