Sparks Radio Podcast LIVE with Stand up Graig Salerno Ep 113: Graig Wishes He Scored More

Sparks Radio Podcast Live

This is one for the books!!! We taped this episode in front of a crowd out at Time-Out Sports Bar and Grill and it was a blast! Stand up comedian Graig Salerno was the man trying to score points and boy, didn’t he. Hilarious non-the-less. We talk about: Elderly Time Capsules, Japan’s Virgin Problem, and What Would Make Graig Nervous at a Hollywood Party?!?!? Listen to the live episode of the Sparks Radio Podcast!!!

Show Notes:

The News:

  1. Pronounced, Virgin, Apathy, Bearing, Fruit
  2. Missing, Frozen, Time, Capsule, Found
  3. Teacher, Disciplined, Frumpy, Bitch, Student

I’m Blanking:

Guests: Sexual Theme

  1. Seattle man turning in his sex offender paperwork is arrested for _______ at sheriff’s office
  2. ________ Blocked in Russia as Gov. tells people to “Meet in Real Life”
  3. Queensland Government lowers age of consent for anal sex to _____


  1. _____ Arrested in by Russian Police at Political Rally in Moscow
  2. ______ a Little Too Real as Gamers Caught Groping Doll
  3. Oregon teen fights off drugged intruder with case of beer & _______



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