Sparks Radio Podcast w/ Hollywood Comedy Writer Alex Sherman Ep 106: Cursed Alien Bullet Hurts Butt

Ep 106 Sparks Radio Podcast

Sparks Radio Podcast is back and ready to finish you off!!!!…Your Monday…I meant finish off your Monday! Today we have Hollywood Comedy Writer – Alex Sherman! Alex is a writer for a new show airing on TBS soon called “People of Earth” starring Wyatt Cenac and a bunch of other hilarious people! Catch the trailer below! On the show today, we’re talking: Butt Punches, Stolen human brains, and one cop’s way to solve gun violence! Plus, we talk about what a 31 year old has to look forward to. Hint: It involves something Alex never had as a child. Sit back and let this one wash all over your body. It’s episode 106 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!


The News:

  1. Mr. Rice, Punch, Ruined, Butt, Life
  2. Weed, Embalm, Brain, Fluid, Soaked
  3. Billion, Police, Bullet, Shot, Suspect

I’m Blanking:

  1. Stop Stealing Rocks from Gettysburg, they might be ____
  2. ______ Artwork filled in at German Art Museum
  3. _______ Date leads to man being stuck in Turkey During military coup


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