Sparks Radio Podcast w/ Michael Joyce Ep 34: Mayonnaise Dislodged Struggling Prison Baby

Sparks Radio Podcast is ready to make your Monday suck less! Play along with NYC based stand up, Michael Joyce, as he tries to score as many worthless points as possible by guessing what today’s news articles are about based on only 5 words! Plus he tries to guess your answers on Facebook during “The Feud!” We talk about: “Energy Mayonnaise” and how people are missing out on it, prison babies, and how you can get arrested for too much texting! Your Monday’s have blown for long enough! Time to make them better! Listen to Episode 34 now!

Links to Articles!

The News:

  1. Mayonnaise, Struggle, Dislodge, Tipped, $85
  2. French, Fine, Girlfriend, Jailed, $73 per day
  3. Freedom, License, Follow, Religious, Rules



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