Sparks Radio Podcast w/ Michael Joyce Ep 35: Kanye Remembers Stale Bread Renaissance Look, work sucks. We get it. But this podcast is free, and that’s at least something…right? Yeah. Yeah it is. If you’re saying “no.” Well then you live a miserable life and nobody can stand to be around you. But you’re saying “YEAH, HEY THAT DOES MAKE MY MONDAY A BIT BETTER!” Well, then hope the laffy train CUZ we’re rollin into comedy-ville! Sparks Radio Podcast is back for another Monday Saving Podcast! Listen as NYC based Stand Up, Michael Joyce, tries to score as many worthless points as possible by making jokes and trying to guess what news stories are about based on 5 words from those news stories! We talk about the bread renaissance we’re currently in, Roger Goodell other lying acts, and why a man was found with a bloody rabbit in his pocket in an Irish maternity ward!

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  1. Bread, Readily, Admits, Stale, Renaissance
  2. Doesn’t, Remember, Nice, Dog, Day
  3. Maternity, Found, Drunk, Blood, Rabbit



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