Sparks Radio Podcast w/ Stand up Graig Salerno Ep 103: Graig Best Of All Time

Sparks Radio Ep 103 Featuring Graig Salerno

Sparks Radio Podcast is always up on Monday! Today’s a good one as we have Las Vegas comedian – Graig Salerno – in studio with us! Graig’s a great stand up in town, but has no idea what the hell he’s gotten himself into today. Listen as we breakdown the news about: Murder Parrots, divorce washing machines, and respectable gravediggers! Graig scores points and Sparks opens up about when he was told to clean out the human sized bird cage as a kid. It’s all inside episode 103 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!


The News:

  1. Ladies, Fingers, Males, Turn, Loads
  2. Parrot, Murder, Charged, Shooting, Police
  3. Gravediggers, Attract, Young, Respectable, Men

I’m Blanking:

  1. Kids with super _____ save man from fire
  2. Police avert suicide by talking man down with promise of getting _____
  3. Man faces child abuse charges after allegedly challenging daughter to a ______



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