Sparks Radio Podcast w/ Stand Up Patrick Quinn Ep 104: This Dick Knows Weather

Ep 104 Ft. Patrick Quinn!!

Sparks Radio Podcast is here to help get you through!!! Listen up, because today’s a good one. We’ve got Pat Quinn on the show! He’s a hilarious stand up out of L.A. who killing it right now! Give him a follow on his Snapchat (@pvnkr) and Instagram accounts and be sure to check out all of his upcoming shows on Today we’re talking about: a weather predicting penis, a kangaroo’s definition of true love, and Pat Quinn’s greatest Mike Tyson story! Make the rest of your day go by a bit faster with episode 104 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!


The News:

  1. Professional, Porn, Flag, Forced, Policy
  2. Efficient, Powerful, Bacteria, Attack, Storage
  3. Marble, Lawsuit, Man, Tingling, Contraband

I’m Blanking:

  1. Most _____ is legal according to the Canadian Supreme Court
  2. Bike Thief _______ by Man on Horseback in Wal-Mart Parking lot
  3. A Kangroo and a ______ are now sexual partners in Australia



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