Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 105: Shirtless Putin Marries His Phone

Putin in a dress - Sparks Radio

MICHAEL JOYCE IS BACKKKKKKKKK!!! Gotta love it when the man, the myth, Fancy Show comic himself – Michael Joyce returns to the show. Today we’re breaking down news about: A person marrying their phone, Russia’s 2.1 trillion dollar investment, and the one thing Michael Joyce would use teleportation for! It’s all the news you need plus all the comedy you’re fixing for! Episode 105 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!


The News:

  1. Vegas, Marriage, Object, Love, Message
  2. Fake, Leg, Murder, Skin, Sock
  3. Russian, 2035, Goals, Fearsome, Planet

I’m Blanking:

  1. Utah just got it’s first Porn Detecting _____
  2. Trump can’t remember saying that he has one of the world’s best _____
  3. “What is the ____?” is a tending google search in the UK after the Brexit



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