Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 43: Germany Masturbated Crackers on McDonalds Floor

SparksRadio.comMonday is usually all around a shit-tastic day – UNTIL YOU HEAR THIS! Dare I say, this will be the *highlight of your day? This is a game show podcast where stand up comedian, Michael Joyce, tries to score as many points as possible by making hilarious joke and guessing things right! Today we focus on news about: a masturbating cracker eating thief, the news kind of porn (DRONES!), and strange reason why hospices invest in bird feeders!  Listen, play along and laugh as you start your *shit-tastic week with the Sparks Radio Podcast!

*depends on how shitty your day has been

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The News

  1. Refused, Kicked, Vest, Masturbated, Crackers
  2. Germany, Biting, Chewing, Problem, Common
  3. Boning, Strikes, War, Not, Penetration (SFW site contains link to NSFW site)




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