Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 65: The Last of the Micro-Penises

It’s Monday and that means the Sparks Radio Podcast is up! Stand up comedian, Michael Joyce is back trying to score as many points as one man can during this NEWS TRIVIA GAME SHOW PODCAST! Today we’re talking about: the first successful penis transplant, giant Mexican throwing pipes, and why Iowa just became the most AMERICAN state in this beautiful union. Sprinkle in a dash of micro penis talk and this episode really does have it all! It’s Episode 65 of the Sparks Radio Podcast – Listen and play along!

Links to the Articles!

The News:

  1. Last, Mexican, Throwing, Pipe, Seized
  2. General, Right, Drunk, In, Iowa
  3. World’s, First, Second, Penis, Circumcision



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