Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 89: Urinal Man Given Old Scooter

ep 89

New Sparks Radio Podcast episodes and Mondays go together like office parties and chocolate fountains. Separately, they seem like they’d be ok, but together, you’re finally able to tolerate Janice in Accounting’s speeches on how she went Vegan after seeing “Plants Not Plants” documentary. Today, NYC stand up, Mike Joyce will be trying to score as many points as he can in this GAME SHOW NEWS TRIVIA QUIZ! Today we’re talking about: Getting stuck in the urinal, the longest police stand off in US history, and the worst thing to order “a hot cup of?” It’s episode 89 of the Sparks Radio Podcast, so sit back and enjoy the free entertainment!


The News

  1. old, scooter, explosives, occasionally, blown
  2. Longest, Gray, Nutt, given, 15 years
  3. Urinal, Man, Cut, Swearing, Security



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