Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 93: Loyal Customers of Frosted Micro Penis

Sparks Radio ep 93

Sparks Radio Podcast is here with a fresh new episode for your Monday! This is a COMEDY GAME SHOW PODCAST where we challenge NYC stand up comedian, Michael Joyce, to take on: current news stories, fill in the blank headlines, and feud style answers from you! Las Vegas radio guy – Sparks – hosts and awards the points! Today’s show is about: How important are you really?, a man on fire and didn’t notice, and what’s the worst thing to get someone for Valentine’s Day? Today is a packed show, so strap in for episode 93 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!


The News:

  1. Absolutely, Loyal, Spanish, Work, Decades
  2. Missing, Ontario, Man, Remembers, Niagara Falls
  3. Private, Listening, Show, Fine, Desired

I’m Blanking:

  1. Bill Murray admits to throw Fans ____off of roofs
  2. Hospital Employee saves a man who didn’t know he was on______
  3. _____ Break the law by selling and growing marijuana



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