Sparks Radio Podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 94: Trigger Weave Thief on the Loose

Beginner's Challenge

Just like every Monday, the Sparks Radio Podcast is up!!! It’s a comedy show that’s also a game show on today’s news! Today, we’re putting NYC stand up Michael Joyce to the test on: What’s the worst thing to be addicted to?, How many weaves have been stolen in the last week?, and what’s on the billionaires version of Craig’s List? Find out all of this and more inside episode 94 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!!


The News:

  1. Ohio, Relentlessness, Final, Disrespect, Shoot 
  2. Fake, Texas, Dog, Spermaholic, Patient
  3. Human, Natural, Hair, Weave, Stolen

I’m Blanking:

  1. Experts are now saying instead of drinking more water, we should______our water
  2. Worlds Fastest ______ finished last at the Olympic marathon trials
  3. Knife wielding, drunken_______attacks people at the bar

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