Sparks Radio podcast with Michael Joyce Ep 98: Ted Cruz Foot Fight Bloodbath

sparks radio podcast ep 98

Sparks Radio Podcast is here! Like Podcast Preparation H on your burning Monday taint, we’re here to sooth and cool you into your work week. This is a NEWS TRIVIA QUIZ GAME SHOW where stand up comedian Michael Joyce is going to try and score as many points he can by getting News stories right! Today’s show is all about finding the answers to : Why did a foot fight turn bloody? What’s worse than a doctor not washing his hands? What do you really wish a magician would pull out of his hat? Find these answers and more inside episode 98 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!


The News:

  1. Police, Foot, Fight, Ends, Outside 
  2. Cleveland, Committee, Firearms, Frothy, Bloodbath
  3. Extra, Semen, Blanket, Doctor, Excuse

I’m Blanking:

  1. Georgia Man Loses Leg After Shooting ______Full of Explosives
  2. Complaints after Supermarket sells ______Yellow paint
  3. 3 quarters of UK children spend less time outdoors than __________(2 words)


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