Superzeroes Issue #8: “Hotel Rwanda 2: This Time We Mean Business”

Where Our Zeroes Take On The Small Screen, Standard Definition Movies, Sequels, And Slimer’s Anatomy.

Plugged In

Box Office

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy makes $10.4 million—-Guardians is the only summer movie of 2014 to top box office either 4 times
  • Ghostbusters Re-Released

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Quick Hits

  • Arrow Casts a Ras a Ghul Matt Nable
  • Pictures of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin

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  • Supergirl TV Series
  • The Tick live action returning?
  • No Iron Man 4
  • Incredibles done as a Nolan movie
  • Ohio State Marching Band TV shows


Nerd News

  • The Rock: Black Adam

Fall TV Preview

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  • Walking Dead Companion Series Ordered by AMC
  • Arkham Knight video game is scheduled to release on June 2nd 2015—–Limited Edition Containing Batmobile Statue

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  • No Kickass 3?

Top 5 Sequels

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