The Sparks Radio 2016 ALCADEMY AWARDS! Live Drinking Game for the Oscars!

Alcademy 2016

You’re invited to DRINK and make fun of RICH FAMOUS PEOPLE for the whole world to see!

We want YOU to join us as we play the SPARKS RADIO ALCADEMY AWARDS DRINKING GAME – LIVE from a Google Hangout and Youtube! We’ll post the rules to the drinking game and the link of where to join us shortly. It’s easy! From your own home, you’ll join the ALCADEMY AWARDS Google Hangout from the link we’ll provide. We’ll all be watching the show live at the same time and following the rules of the ALCADEMY AWARDS drinking game. Plus, we’ll post the live YouTube feed right here to! We’ll all play the ALCADEMY AWARDS drinking game together and make this otherwise terrible event, one you’ll never remember!


Rules for the Alcademy Awards!

When You Drink:

  • Person on main screen guesses who will win a category. If they guess right, everyone else drinks. They guess wrong, they take TWO drinks.

When Everyone Drinks:

  • a musical number plays
  • an award recipient thanks god
  • an award recipient gets “played off stage” before they finish their speech.
  • whenever they show DiCaprio
  • someone trips
  • whenever you hear a “mercy laugh” from the crowd
  • whenever a recipient indicates “they have nothing prepared”


Wildcards. everyone gets ONE wildcard. at any point in the game you think something will happen (i.e., I predict Chris Rock will talk about the White Oscars) you call it and use your wildcard. If it happens, everyone else drinks. If it doesn’t, you take TWO.


If you use your wildcard at the exact same time you are on the main screen, and your wildcard happens, you get a waterfall. (be sure to define a waterfall)

*There will be limited space for the Google Hangout (that’s the Google, not us), but once full we’ll also throw it up on YouTube so everyone can play along!