WE GOT ONE….hunky secretary

Paul Feig, director of the upcoming abomination of Ghostbusters, has announced that he’s cast his secretary.

Gif Credit: Tumblr

Chris Hemsworth has been announced seemingly as Janine for the all female Ghostbusters coming July of 2016.

10:1-one of the Ghostbusters is constantly hitting on him during the whole movie, and then they end up together at the end.
25:1-Hemsworth is hitting on a Ghostbuster the whole movie and the woman doesn’t seem interested, I’m gonna say it will be McCarthy.
Lock Of The Week-All the Ghostbusters pay him no attention the whole movie, then something happens and he has to take his shirt off. Then they all do that Paul Feig-esque they play it off like he’s not ripped but they keep staring at him.

Can’t you see the resemblance?

Featured Picture Credit: GeekBinge