West and Sparks Podcast Ep 159: Ted Cruz and the Bloody Egg

THIS IS THE NEWS THAT MATTERS!!! You’re about to find out about: bloody loved ones, what North Korea is really up to and the hobbies of Ted Cruz and his gang of merry men! Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this! Did we mention it’s a free podcast? Did we mention that we tell riddles about rectums?! It’s episode 159 of West and Sparks Podcast!


Show Notes:

News That Matters:



Comments First


  • So conservative! So christian! So moral!
  • As soon as the words “hardcore porn” came out of his mouth his campaign staff did a collective facepalm.


Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

I have records that’ll leave you shook. One that makes you a crook and the other that puts you in the book. I had a brilliant idea and a chance is what I took. Throwin rocks at that police car? It was parked at the courthouse, the jail wasn’t far. Behind the bar and it’s got me turning colors like a Mario star.  Not quite a plumber though, got me dry cell, that means no pipes and my rectum’s beginning to swell. I knew I wasn’t The Princess or even Luigi, however I’m doing kind of the same as though she. Because I’m layin eggs like the dinosaur ___________



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