West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 110 LIVE SPECIAL: All’s Well That Eel’s Well

West and Sparks LIVE SPECIAL

West and Sparks TIMED PODCAST is a special one today because it was done LIVE at Time-Out Sports Bar and Grill! In this episode Ryan talks about his first Las Vegas experience, LIVE rectum riddle audience guessing, and we ask what state Google’s “How to make a baby.” It was an absolute blast to get up and do a live show! Big thanks to the boys of Rise To Offend, who celebrated their 200th episode, for letting us get up before them for our first live episode! Be sure to hit the link and subscribe/review! Without further ado – it’s time for episode 110 of West and Sparks LIVE PODCAST!


News That Matters:


79. 79 people awaiting the warm embrace. The clenching of body parts. The skin on skin, brief, friction-laden, rub-a-thon that should never be rushed. UNTIL. IT. IS. RUSHED. Get a move on, boys, it’s time for the deep-good-hug-it-out-but-not-for-too-long-hit-of-the-thrill-ride-rubathon-season! This summer! See the movie that treats you like you

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:




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