West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 114: I Crumpled The Kid


New episode of West and Sparks is up!!!! Who is that? Is that Jim Silverbloom? It can’t be, can it? Can you donate to charity every time you masturbate? YES! Find out how! Do you want to smell like a comet? NO! Find out why! Do you want a robot doing your rectal surgery?…maybe! It’s all inside this wonderful episode of West and Sparks!!


News That Matters:

Comments First:

  • Our true savior Satan will punish him accordingly
  • Happy anniversary, shitbag!
  • if he hadn’t done that, “Ben” would have stabbed him with a lightsaber
  • I find this to be the funniest thing in the world


Are we alone in the universe? ARE WE?! ARE YOU? ARE WE ARE THE WE ARE ALONE LONE?! These are the questions every scientist and regular human being have been asking since the doctor slapped them in the ass to get them to breathe. These are the only questions to ask. So, when a group of regular human beings and internet experts looked up into the night sky, what they saw next made them say: “Are we are the we are alone Lone?! And the mysterious thing in the sky ANSWERED BACK! This SUMMER! In the slam-bang-thank-you-alien-mam-thrill-ride-of-the-season, it’s “Are we not alone lone?!” Staring, Jim Silverbloom.

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Time to go, time to pray, wheeled into surgery is where I lay. Cut with a knife for the whole world to see, not expecting this webcam with “ass play” google history. Steady hands Is all you can hope for, when it’s this type of unit going in the backdoor. Ass up and you learning while I lie on a cot. Brown eye to the sky getting surgery from a ________



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