West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 115: The Staff of Judas Returns!

Ep 115- The Staff of Judas Returns!

New episode of West and Sparks is up!!!! Somehow this is somewhat of a sequel to a show that occurred 2 years ago! We deliver the news that no one else is talking about, including pubic hair dresses, robo-anus and a discussion about the safest way to be struck by lighting! Here’s a hint: it involves a rod. As always, thanks for listening!


News That Matters:

Comments First:

    • He identifies as a 6 year old asian girl and you better be ok with that!
    • He’s so light on his feet. As if he was walking on clouds.
    • America, you’re fat and fabulous!
    • Has more baton skills than I.


Are you having fun? Or. Just maybe. THEY are having fun! What are they doing?! You’re at Chucky Cheese. BUT THEY….WHERE ARE THEY?! They’re at the slam-bang-action-thrill-ride-all-you-can-beat-whack-a-thon of a lifetime! But you. YOU are at Chucky Cheese…or you’re at Grandma’s…or you’re dead. This summer, it’s FOMO or POMO: you choose.

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

I’m just one man, but I had a job. B hole of gold, but now discarded like a cob. You don’t work here anymore, says the team of docs. As they’re shoving their fingers in hairless buttocks. Outcast, that’s me. Good riddance to ya and your loose stool seat. I’ve never been one to complain. Taking fingers in the rear of my fleshy membrane. But this butt has gone too far to get a pass. There’s no thoughts & feelings in a robot’s _________


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