West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 160: Murder Gold 2: The Insertion


Will Ryan tell us what’s the one thing he hates that effects millions of lives around the planet? Will Sparks tie in Triscuits and Blanka into the rectum riddle this week? Will a man get pepper sprayed in a grocery store for “self check out”? Find out this week on the West and Sparks Podcast Episode 160!

Show notes:

News That Matters:


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  • He was doing him a favor
  • I dont know if its bravery or stupidity that drove this guy to do this…

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka! There’s a dump in me like truck named Tonka. Getting angry uncomfortable and walkin like Blanka.  Police take me and set the president like Ivanka. Part of a money launder, I had that smuggler saunter. Taken out of me was 30 G’s worth. Wasn’t easy, more like giving birth. Heavy elements wrapped in plastic. Squeeze, Push, Pull, it was all very drastic. They got me chains and biscuits from what I’m told. Looking like amber colored grains and Triscuits my  bars of  ______  



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